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Edward C. Landry

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Creating What Consumers Want

A new approach can help CPG companies introduce products with the right features, price, and packaging.
January 19, 2015  - by David Meer, Edward C. Landry, and Samrat Sharma

A Collaborative Approach to Marketing

Four steps to implementing a shared-services model to capture scale and develop advanced capabilities.
January 13, 2012  - by Edward C. Landry, Thomas Ripsam, and Namit Kapoor

Rising to the Corporate Education Challenge

Amid layoffs and restructuring, many companies are rethinking, not discarding, their efforts to build worker capabilities.
August 27, 2009  - by Thomas Ripsam, Edward C. Landry, and Bradley Fusco

Measuring Your Way to Market Insight

To build closer connections to customers, start by developing analytical prowess.
February 24, 2009  - by Leslie H. Moeller and Edward C. Landry

The New Complete Marketer

How the most successful CMOs are teaching management to drive growth.
August 29, 2007  - by Gregor Harter, Edward C. Landry, and Andrew Tipping

Is Your Sales Force Adaptable?

Here’s a five-step plan for routinely revamping a sales team.
April 24, 2007  - by Edward C. Landry, Thomas Ripsam, and Bart Sayer

How to Slim Down a Brand Portfolio

The objective is not merely to divest brands, but to achieve higher rates of growth for the brands that remain.
August 28, 2006  - by Nikhil Bahadur, Edward C. Landry, and Steven Treppo

Growth Champions

How to drive the only marketing metric that matters.
May 30, 2006  - by Edward C. Landry, Andrew Tipping, and Jay Kumar

Six Types of Marketing Organizations: Where Do You Fit In?

Is your marketing approach in sync with your company’s needs? Here’s how to figure that out.
October 11, 2005  - by Edward C. Landry, Andrew Tipping, and Brodie Dixon

Getting the Most from the “Feet on the Street”

A strategic approach to the often-overlooked field of outsourced merchandising can cut costs and transform a company’s presence on the shelves.
August 26, 2005  - by Edward C. Landry and Jaya Pandrangi

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