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Horacio D. Rozanski

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Seize the Occasion! The Seven-Segment System for Online Marketing

Internet marketing has been a shot in the demographic darkness. Effective e-tailing must target not just users, but usage — a methodology called “occasionalization.”
July 1, 2001  - by Horacio D. Rozanski, Gerry Bollman, and Martin Lipman

The Great Portal Payoff

Advertising click-through rates have plunged below 1 percent on Internet portals. That means marketers must banish the banner, and brandish the brand.
April 1, 2001  - by Horacio D. Rozanski and Gerry Bollman

Seize the Occasion: Usage-Based Segmentation for Internet Marketers

Marketers fail when they segment Web users on demographics alone. Our study of click-stream data reveals seven usage-based segments that correlate to users' online moods and goals. They can be a powerful tool in crafting effective Web strategies.
March 20, 2001  - by Horacio D. Rozanski, Gerry Bollman, and Martin Lipman

Brand Zealots: Realizing the Full Value of Emotional Brand Loyalty

Great brands have fanatical followers who can insure the brand endures. Make sure your biggest fans don't become your greatest enemies.
October 1, 1999  - by Horacio D. Rozanski, Allen G. Baum, and Brad Wolfsen

What Business Needs from Business Schools

Cookie-cutter programs are producing look-alike MBAs. Contemporary companies want creative, collaborative thinkers and leaders.
 - by Joyce Doria, Horacio D. Rozanski, and Ed Cohen