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Jürgen Ringbeck

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The Airlines’ Global Dilemma

Traditional carriers once knew their way around. Now the world has become a confusing place.
October 25, 2010  - by Jürgen Ringbeck, Randy Starr, and Chris Manning

Destination: Green Tourism

In an era of environmental consciousness, every locale that wants to remain attractive and competitive needs a strategy for sustainability.
August 24, 2010  - by Jürgen Ringbeck

Friendlier Skies

Consolidation in the increasingly competitive European airline industry has been long delayed, but the wait is coming to an end.
June 3, 2008  - by Jürgen Ringbeck and Stephan Gross

Competing on the Eco Front

Environmentally friendly countries have a leg up in the competition for international travelers, but sustaining that advantage takes work.
April 1, 2008  - by Jürgen Ringbeck and Stephan Gross

Travel 2.0

Winning over the travelers of the future will require technologies that, like human travel agents, can segment customers accurately and give them what they want.
February 5, 2008  - by Volkmar Koch, Jürgen Ringbeck, and Stefan Stroh

The Importance of Being a Must-See Destination

Excellent travel and tourism policies, infrastructure, and services can translate into a roaring economy.
May 8, 2007  - by Jürgen Ringbeck and Stephan Gross

RFID: Thinking Outside the Closed Loop

Despite excitement over RFID technology and its future promise, most companies currently lack a business case to adopt it anytime soon.
November 30, 2004  - by Stefan Stroh and Jürgen Ringbeck

Flight for Survival: A New Business Model for the Airline Industry

To pare down their colossal operating costs, giant U.S. and European carriers must restructure the hub-and-spoke system and eliminate complexity.
May 21, 2003  - by Tom Hansson, Jürgen Ringbeck, and Markus Franke

Flight for Survival: A New Operating Model for Airlines

It is a turbulent time for major U.S. airlines, but this rough economic weather may be the challenge they need to alter the costly hub and spoke model that’s dragging them down.
December 6, 2002  - by Tom Hansson, Jürgen Ringbeck, and Markus Franke