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strategy and business

Jorge H. Forteza

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Multinationals in the Next Decade: Blueprint, Flow and Soul Building the Modern Multinational Organization

The builders of modern multinationals draw inspiration from the architecture of buildings: Design a blueprint, manage the flow of resources and inject some soul.
July 1, 1999  - by Jorge H. Forteza and Gary L. Neilson

Conglomerates in Emerging Markets: Tigers or Dinosaurs?

Disparaged in the developed world, emerging-market conglomerates are here to stay, provided they adapt to their ever-changing environment. If they do adapt, what role are they likely to play?
April 1, 1998  - by Zafer Achi, Chipper Boulas, Ian Buchanan, Jorge H. Forteza, and Lando Zappei

Competing in Emerging Countries: The Case of Latin America

As one of the world's most dynamic regions, Latin America's tranforming economies offer large-scale opportunities and challenges for multinational players.
April 1, 1997  - by Jorge H. Forteza