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Leslie H. Moeller

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Rethinking the Product Launch

Your customer value proposition is the key to organic growth — for a fast-food chain like Wendy’s, or for any other consumer business.
May 29, 2012  - by Max Cuellar, Leslie H. Moeller, and Heberto Molina

The Promise of Private-label Media

A direct-to-consumer media strategy can help companies build brands and reach consumers in new ways.
May 26, 2009  - by Matt Egol, Leslie H. Moeller, and Christopher A.H. Vollmer

Measuring Your Way to Market Insight

To build closer connections to customers, start by developing analytical prowess.
February 24, 2009  - by Leslie H. Moeller and Edward C. Landry

A Breakaway Opportunity for “Inferior” Products

As the difficult economy causes consumers to trade down in their purchases, companies need to adjust their offerings to their customers’ new behavior.
September 16, 2008  - by Leslie H. Moeller, James Ryan, and Juan Carlos Webster

A Clear Look at Biofuels

Myths abound regarding the pros and cons of biofuels. Here is a scorecard to separate truth from fiction.
April 22, 2008  - by Bill Jackson, Eric Spiegel, and Leslie H. Moeller

The Superpremium Premium

Even in commodity categories, four simple steps can lead marketers to a high-margin brand.
November 30, 2004  - by Leslie H. Moeller, Nick Hodson, and Brad Wolfsen

The Better Half: The Artful Science of ROI Marketing

Advances in analytics, systems, processes, and organization design can converge to eliminate the waste from marketing.
February 12, 2003  - by Leslie H. Moeller, Sharat K. Mathur, and Randall Rothenberg

10x Value: The Engine Powering Long-Term Shareholder Returns

What does it take to grow shareholder value at world-class rates? More than profit and revenue increases. It takes strategic innovation to make it into the top tier.
July 1, 1997  - by Charles E. Lucier, Leslie H. Moeller, and Raymond Held

Smart Customization: Profitable Growth Through Tailored Business Streams

As markets atomize, a striking new approach emerges to profitably serve fragmenting demand.
 - by Keith Oliver, Leslie H. Moeller, and Bill Lakenan