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Raul L. Katz

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Are Internet Companies Overvalued (Again)?

What we can learn from eBay’s acquisition of Skype.
August 21, 2007  - by Raul L. Katz and Paul Zangrilli

Irrational Exuberance: How the Telecom Industry Went Astray

What happens when demand myths, faulty forecasts, and financing traps converge.
May 21, 2003  - by Raul L. Katz

Consolidation: The Wireless Way

As pressures to merge rise yet again, wireless operators need innovative approaches to yield economic benefits.
October 11, 2002  - by Raul L. Katz, Maximilian E. Weise, and Daniel H. Yang

Will Prepaid Service Be the Next Wireless Frontier?

Profits and growth are slowing for the U.S. wireless industry, but new customers for prepaid services could be the key to a revival.
August 15, 2002  - by Raul L. Katz, Eric J. Riddleberger, Bharat V. Sarma, and Daniel H. Yang

Decentralizing Telecommunications in Latin America

Telecommunications is key to the growth of Latin America's Southern Cone. But to get the most growth, centralized national networks must give way to regional systems that ignore borders.
October 1, 1997  - by Raul L. Katz and Alexander Dichter