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Sam I. Hill

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How to Brand Sand

In commodity-goods markets, price is usually the only differentiator. But if you can brand those goods and bundle them with services, even bricks and sand can command premium prices. Here is how to turn commodities into branded goods.
April 1, 1998  - by Sam I. Hill, Jack McGrath, and Sandeep Dayal

"All Consumers Are Not Created Equal" by Garth Hallberg

All Consumers Are Not Created Equal by Garth Hallberg. (320 pages, John Wiley & Sons, 1995)
April 1, 1996  - by Sam I. Hill

Restoring Relevance to the Marketing Department: Dismantling the Brandocracy

Loyalty to brands has been declining. But don't blame it on the consumers. A new, more analytical marketing model is needed, one that sheds more light on the myriad of customer needs and understands the value of relationships.
 - by Sam I. Hill, David L. Newkirk, and Wayne Henderson