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William J. Holstein

Bill Holstein is a contributing editor to s+b and author of The Next American Economy: Blueprint for a Real Recovery (Walker & Company, 2011) and Why GM Matters: Inside the Race to Transform an American Icon (Walker & Company, 2009). 

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Lenovo Goes Global

China’s most recognizable brand has plans to overtake Apple and Samsung.
August 8, 2014  - by William J. Holstein

The Gorilla of Agile Business Innovation

Corning Glass Chief Technology Officer David Morse explains how the company—through speed and customer focus in research, development, and engineering—has built a multibillion-dollar enterprise.
May 6, 2013  - by William J. Holstein

Hyundai’s Capabilities Play

The Korean automaker’s explosive growth in the last few years—achieved through better quality, stylish design, and clever marketing—has made it a dynamic player in the U.S. auto industry.
February 26, 2013  - by William J. Holstein

The Multipolar MBA

To Rakesh Khurana, a Harvard Business School professor known for his histories of management knowledge, business schools are facing a crisis of global irrelevance.
January 21, 2013  - by William J. Holstein

How Coca-Cola Manages 90 Emerging Markets

The world’s largest beverage company has delegated major decision making to individual markets, but it maintains its global brand strategy through collaborative practices.
November 7, 2011  - by William J. Holstein

Hotbeds of Innovation

U.S. multinationals are looking to small companies and startups for the next big ideas.
January 24, 2011  - by William J. Holstein

Five Gates to Innovation

Corning Inc.’s process for developing inventive products actually works, a claim that few companies can make.
March 1, 2010  - by William J. Holstein

The Case for Backshoring

Which manufacturing operations should return to the United States?
January 25, 2010  - by William J. Holstein

A School for Displaced Workers

With industries contracting and jobless rates among manufacturing workers skyrocketing, community colleges have become the new home of retraining programs.
December 15, 2009  - by William J. Holstein

What a Declining Business Media Means to CEOs

As cost cutting narrows the field of business journalism, it has become more difficult to put out a corporate story — or take one in.
September 28, 2009  - by William J. Holstein

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