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Laura W. Geller

Laura W. Geller is senior editor of strategy+business.

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Jessica Kennedy Takes On Ethics, Power, and Gender

The professor at Vanderbilt’s Owen Graduate School of Management explains the root of unethical behavior.
June 2, 2015  - by Laura W. Geller

Corinne Bendersky on Why Neurotics Get a Bum Rap

Expectations don’t match reality, says the UCLA Anderson School of Management professor, when it comes to the performance of certain personality types in teams.
April 6, 2015  - by Laura W. Geller

Kristin Behfar on How We Fight at Work, and Why It Matters

The Darden School of Business professor describes a new framework for predicting conflict outcomes.
March 2, 2015  - by Laura W. Geller

Best of the s+b Blog: A Feast of Management Ideas for the New Year

A look at some of the best blog posts that we published in 2014.
December 19, 2014  - by Laura W. Geller

Nir Halevy on Motivating Your Workforce

The Stanford professor explains how social distance affects the way people respond to feedback.
December 1, 2014  - by Laura W. Geller

Katherine Milkman on Why Fresh Starts Matter

The Wharton professor says moments when you wipe the slate clean can help you meet your goals. And watch the video “How the Fresh-Start Effect Creates a Clean Slate.
August 8, 2014  - by Laura W. Geller

Why Chinese Companies Struggle to Go Global

A new study explains what’s holding them back, and how they can move forward.
May 6, 2014  - by Laura W. Geller

Angela Duckworth’s Gritty View of Success

A psychologist and new MacArthur Fellow says you need employees with stamina and tenacity above all else.
February 11, 2014  - by Laura W. Geller

Are You Making the Right Moves in China?

Three new studies reveal insight into the Chinese consumer market and business environment.
November 12, 2013  - by Laura W. Geller

Advice for Facebook That May Just Help Twitter

For Twitter’s next chapter, some words of wisdom about leadership planning.
November 6, 2013  - by Laura W. Geller

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