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Bruce A. Pasternack

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Up the (E) Organization! A Seven-Dimensional Model for the Centerless Enterprise

It's time to retire the org chart and disintermediate management itself.
January 1, 2000  - by Gary L. Neilson, Bruce A. Pasternack, and Albert J. Viscio

Corporate Strategy in a Digital Age

Is the Internet really revolutionizing the business world? The answer is yes, in at least seven ways.
April 1, 1999  - by Charles V. Callahan and Bruce A. Pasternack

The Centerless Corporation: A Model for Tomorrow

High-performance companies are structured around knowledge, people, values and coherence. They know what they stand for. They also know how to share services.
July 1, 1998  - by Bruce A. Pasternack and Albert J. Viscio

The Triumph of People Power and the New Economy

The New People Partnership heralds the appearance of a different "company man and woman." As corporations and employees grapple with the new realities that exist between them, organizations must do more to make workers employable within their own companies.
April 1, 1997  - by Bruce A. Pasternack, Shelley S. Keller, and Albert J. Viscio

Toward a New Business Model

The classical business model is a 19th-century invention. Has it outlived its usefulness? What should replace it? New research suggests alternatives that can lead to flexibility and growth for the bottom and top lines.
April 1, 1996  - by Albert J. Viscio and Bruce A. Pasternack

The Four Bases of Organizational DNA

Trait by trait, companies can evolve their own execution cultures.
 - by Gary L. Neilson, Bruce A. Pasternack, and Decio Mendes

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