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strategy and business

Edited by Des Dearlove
Introduction by Johannes Bussmann, Gregor Harter, and Evan Hirsh

Today, as markets mature and undergo commoditization, marketers everywhere are fighting a two-front war. On one side, they face increasingly demanding consumers. On the other, CEOs and shareholders want more bang for their marketing buck. To win the battle, marketers must adopt the analytical ways of their corporate colleagues. They need to embrace ROI marketing — the application of sophisticated measurement techniques in the service of optimizing marketing spending. Indeed, ROI marketing is no longer just a nice idea; it is an imperative for corporate survival.

How can you make ROI marketing a reality? Results-Driven Marketing: A Guide to Growth and Profits delivers the answer. A collection of articles from strategy+business and by the senior marketing and sales experts at Booz & Company, the global strategy and technology consulting firm, this strategy+business Reader touches each of the eight links of the marketing value chain: connecting with markets, understanding customers, moving beyond commodities, mastering brands, connecting with customers, building relationships, maximizing talent, and organizing for results-driven marketing.

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