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strategy and business

Edited by Rob Norton
With an introduction by Vinay Couto, Irmgard Heinz, and
Mark J. Moran

Not Your Father’s CFO

Few business roles have changed as dramatically during the last generation as that of the chief financial officer. The classic model — the CFO as chief accountant and technical expert focused narrowly on the firm’s financial statements and capital structure — has been passé for a decade or more. Today’s CFOs have become a vital part of the corporation’s leadership team and have assumed responsibilities of a breadth and magnitude that make the title “chief financial officer” slightly antiquated.

In CFO Thought Leaders: Advancing the Frontiers of Finance, the first book to examine how the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, globalization, and the IT revolution have changed the CFO’s role, chief financial officers from 17 of the world’s most successful companies speak candidly about meeting the challenges of an unpredictable and globalized business environment. These fascinating interviews reveal how CFOs have become active, innovative, and independent transformation agents, managing global growth and creating greater value.

Learn from the CFOs of powerful industry leaders:
Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Quest Diagnostics, Sprint, Deutsche Telekom, FedEx, Procter & Gamble, Reynolds American, Siemens, Caterpillar, Renault, BASF, Cargill, Bertelsmann, Southern Company, AEP, Exelon.

CFO Thought Leaders offers ideas, experience, and lessons not only for senior executives but also for anyone who wants to know more about today’s leadership challenges in a changing global economy.

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