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strategy and business

Introduction by Art Kleiner

For most foreign companies, it is no longer a question of whether to enter China, but how; most importantly, companies want to know how to ensure sustainable growth and integrate their China operations with their global business systems. Their Chinese counterparts face their own set of challenges as they seek to quickly build their capabilities. Many have global aspirations, adding further complexity. In this new book, Booz & Company experts show that conventional wisdom and a reliance on low costs are no longer sufficient to achieve success in this highly competitive marketplace.

The business landscape in China today looks drastically different from that of the early 1990s. It is aggressively entrepreneurial, with a more relaxed regulatory environment and R&D on the rise. Drawing on more than two decades of consulting experience in Greater China, this new Reader, China: How to Aim True in the World’s Fastest Growing Economy, will help executives unveil the opportunities, manage the risks, and navigate the complexities inherent in doing business in China.

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