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September 11, 2007

The Situational Leader

Jack Stahl, a former chief executive at Coca-Cola and Revlon, discusses how great leaders balance their broad strategic missions with constant attention to organizational detail.
August 29, 2007

Partners at the Point of Sale

With “shelf-centered collaboration,” manufacturers and retailers can finally put the right product on the right shelf at the right time for the right consumer.
August 29, 2007

Rebuilding Lego, Brick by Brick

How a supply chain transformation helped put the beloved toymaker back together again.
August 29, 2007

Who Is Your Next Customer?

Strategies for targeting potential consumers in foreign markets.
June 19, 2007

Big Impact in a Small Format

Large retailers are beginning to see the beauty of a tinier world.
April 17, 2007

Making the Most of Customers

The most innovative companies see consumers for who they really are.
March 6, 2007

An Industry for All Seasons

What the apparel industry has gained in scale and scope over the past few decades it has lost in agility and speed. A new kind of product segmentation keeps painful trade-offs to a minimum.
January 30, 2007

Seven Counterintuitive Trends

Everyone expects turbulence, but few people are watching the most significant pressures that will confront industry this year.
January 2, 2007

A 21st-Century Approach to Product Launches

Forget the old rules for bringing products to market. Procter & Gamble is helping to write a new playbook.