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strategy+business: Global Perspective on International Business

Global Perspective


The Next Innovation
Opportunity in China

Multinationals are shifting their R&D focus from cost savings to knowledge-based research.

The Importance
of Being an Ally

You can help promote diversity by listening, understanding, and supporting.

How Emerging
Markets Can
Finally Arrive

Building world-class domestic firms is the overlooked key to economic development.

Brands and Retailers
Should Team Up in
Emerging Markets

When companies “share the shelf,” everyone wins.

The Prescriptions of Dr. Sachs

The eminent — and controversial — economist offers a set of cures for the ills of global poverty. It’s not clear the medicine works.

The $112 Billion CEO Succession Problem

Poor planning for changes in leadership costs companies dearly. Getting it right is worth more than you might think. See also “CEO Succession: Why It Pays to Have a Plan.”

The Imagination Gap

Business leaders in at least 16 sectors are still not fully prepared for the digital transformation of their industries.

The Foundation of CEMEX’s Success — In Pictures

How the Mexican company developed the global capabilities needed to support its international business strategy. For more insights, read the related article.

CEMEX’s Strategic Mix

An s+b Roundtable: This Mexican cement company redefined itself as a global solutions provider with the critical capabilities to match. See also “The Foundation of CEMEX’s Success — In Pictures.”

The Ghost of Financial Crises Past

Economic historian Barry Eichengreen finds telling parallels between the botched responses to the stock market crash of 1929 and the financial crisis of 2008.

How to Seize the Opportunities When Megatrends Collide

Preparing for the inevitable interactions between global forces can help you stay ahead of the competition.

How to Lead in Ambiguous Times

Stability, resilience, and relationships are the keys to thriving amid geopolitical crises.

Best Business Books 2014: Economics

All Things Being Unequal

China’s Philosopher-CEO Zhang Ruimin

Haier’s leader describes how he built a winning global company by continually reframing his management philosophy.
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