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strategy and business

Global Perspective Archive

October 15, 2002

Yves Doz: The Thought Leader Interview

Multinational companies, says the INSEAD professor, must learn to discover, access, mobilize, and leverage knowledge from across the globe.
October 11, 2002

Best Business Books 2002: New Europe

One Market, Many Cheeses
October 11, 2002

Best Business Books 2002: Globalization

Two Cheers for Free Trade
October 11, 2002

Globalism without Tears: A New Social Compact for CEOs

The world’s economies can grow more secure and more humane if chief executives and boards accept and execute a five-point corporate citizenship agenda.
October 10, 2002

Apocalypse 2010?

Populist gadfly Jeff Gates wants today’s CEOs to build a new middle class with stock ownership plans. Or else.
July 17, 2002

STMicroelectronics: The Metaphysics of a Metanational Pioneer

From a two-country merger to a 27-nation powerhouse, the semiconductor company is a paradigm of the borderless entrepreneurial giant.
June 19, 2002

Taking Wal-Mart Global: Lessons From Retailing's Giant

How did this retailer go global? By using a strategy of "directed opportunism." And knowing how to clone its corporate DNA.
February 13, 2002

Recent Studies

January 12, 2002

Welcome to Tesco, Your Glocal Superstore

How the U.K. retailer won over the world, one market at a time.
January 11, 2002

Profits and Perils in China, Inc.

The world’s most populous nation has become a capitalist’s paradise, supplanting Asia’s “tiger economies” — and soon, perhaps, the West.
January 10, 2002

From New Economy to Siege Economy: Globalization, Foreign Policy, and the CEO Agenda

The old order of multinational business has disappeared. Today, companies must discover a different way to work with government.
January 10, 2002

The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid

Low-income markets present a prodigious opportunity for the world’s wealthiest companies — to seek their fortunes and bring prosperity to the aspiring poor.
January 9, 2002

Security and Strategy in the Age of Discontinuity: A Management Framework for the Post-9/11 World

In securing people, business, and networks, senior executives will find both safety and opportunity.
January 9, 2002

Reality Programming for MBAs

Practically speaking, it’s time to rethink core concepts of management education.