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Global Perspective Archive

April 1, 1998

Post-Merger Integration: How Novartis Became No. 1

Once the deal is done, the hard work begins of integrating people, processes and systems, on a global basis.
April 1, 1998

Conglomerates in Emerging Markets: Tigers or Dinosaurs?

Disparaged in the developed world, emerging-market conglomerates are here to stay, provided they adapt to their ever-changing environment. If they do adapt, what role are they likely to play?
April 1, 1998

The Right Way to Achieve Profitable Growth in the Chinese Consumer Market

The Chinese consumer market has awesome demographics. It is huge, young and growing. But competition in the consumer market is growing, too. To win in China, companies must create strategies that overcome pitfalls while taking advantage of local strengths.
January 1, 1998

The Bamboo Network: Asia's Family-run Conglomerates

Why have family-owned conglomerates founded by ethnic Chinese become key economic factors throughout Asia? The answers are trust and tradition.