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Global Perspective Archive

July 1, 1999

Airports as Engines of Economic Development: Great Airports Are Critical for a Region

A great airport fuel regional economic growth. But if you build it, will they come? Only if you build it the right way.
July 1, 1999

Multinationals in the Next Decade: Blueprint, Flow and Soul Building the Modern Multinational Organization

The builders of modern multinationals draw inspiration from the architecture of buildings: Design a blueprint, manage the flow of resources and inject some soul.
April 1, 1999

Label of Origin: Made on Earth

Barriers to trade - language, education, buying power - are fast disappearing. No longer is it so important that a product was "Made in China," or Canada, or France. Labels of country of origin have been largely a matter of semantics for years. Now, with new trade agreements among nations, the only label that might make sense is "Made on Earth."
April 1, 1999

MACH 3: Anatomy of Gillette's Latest Global Launch

Can a consumer product be launched globally in a short time? It can if sufficient resources and time are allocated to planning the effort.
April 1, 1999

Five Rules for Winning Emerging Market Consumers

Multinationals need a disciplined approach to selling in emerging markets. They can't launch consumer products with a scattershot approach.
April 1, 1999

How Mondavi Is Growing around the World

Joint ventures can hold the key to expanding globally, introducing new product lines and leveraging brand capital. But it takes good relationships - and patience.
January 1, 1999

Ten Steps to a Global Human Resources Strategy

Creating an effective global work force means knowing when to use "expats," when to hire "locals" and how to create that new class of employees -- the "glopats."
January 1, 1999

How I.D.G. Builds Knowledge-Based Brands on Seven Continents

This publishing and research company creates high-performance brands in country after country. It does so by sticking to its entrepreneurial roots.
January 1, 1999

The Trillion-Dollar Enterprise

Huge global networks and alliances will soon create organizations of awesome capabilities.
January 1, 1999

"A.B.B., the Dancing Giant" by Kevin Barham and Claudia Heimer

A.B.B., The Dancing Giant: Creating the Globally Connected Corporation by Kevin Barham and Claudia Heimer (260 pages, Pitman Publishing Ltd., 1998)