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Global Perspective Archive

July 1, 2000

Is Genius Enough?

Britian had it all — brains, ideas, and inventions like radar and pencillin — but the U.S. brought the best to the market. The lesson is sobering: Native brilliance needs a national backup drive.
July 1, 2000

Privacy War: The Europe-U.S.Struggle Over Consumer Data

In the E.U., your secrets are sacred. In the U.S., they are for sale. For global marketers, that means trouble.
July 1, 2000

The People Factor in Post-Merger Integration

Fred Hassan's human touch transformed Pharmacia & Upjohn from hostile tribes into a growing global concern.
July 1, 2000

John Quelch: The Thought Leader Interview

It's no longer enough to act local, says London Business School dean and global marketing guru John Quelch. Coke, P & G, and Unilever now must learn to think local, too.
April 1, 2000

Internet Access for All: The UK Plan to Close the Digital Divide

Digital prosperity is spreading across the globe, but unless governments step in, millions will be left out. Here's how Britain can close the gap.
January 1, 2000

Globalism vs. Nationalism vs. E-business: The World Debates

Regulatory challenges to the new cyber order.