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Healthcare Archive

December 10, 2013

Why We Should Deregulate the Government

To be effective, a government needs the same thing as a business: good management.
November 12, 2013

Healthcare Shifts from à la Carte to Prix Fixe

A bundled approach to treatment offers higher quality, lower costs, and a better experience for patients.
October 22, 2013

Are Health Insurers Ready to Care for New Consumers?

As the Affordable Care Act takes effect, health insurance companies will have to design and implement new healthcare models to keep up with the new consumer population.
October 10, 2013

The Fast-Changing Face of U.S. Healthcare: A Primer

Looking to get up to speed on the far-reaching changes in the U.S. healthcare landscape? These resources will help.
August 5, 2013

Has National Scale Worn Out Its Advantages for Health Systems?

Recent deals suggest that geographic concentration is trumping the benefits of pure size.
May 28, 2013

s+b Trend Watch: Big Pharma’s Potential in Emerging Markets

Emerging economies are becoming the industry's best hope for growth.
May 28, 2013

Putting an I in Healthcare

The days of the disengaged health consumer are numbered. Consumerization will transform healthcare systems, involving individuals as never before in the management of their own care.