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strategy and business

Edited by Matthew A. Clark
Introduction by Kevin Dehoff, Barry Jaruzelski, and Georg List

Of all the core functions of most companies, innovation has arguably the most competitive value — but is often managed with the least discipline. Now a team of experts from Booz & Company brings together some of the best thinking on how companies can step up to the innovation challenge. Whether you need to design winning new business models, develop breakthrough products and services, or streamline your innovation operations and organization, this volume can help.

Mastering the Innovation Challenge includes the groundbreaking study “Money Isn’t Everything: The Booz & Company Global Innovation 1000.” The Economist called it the “most comprehensive effort to date to assess the influence of R&D on corporate performance” — and Tom Peters praised it as a “provocative, research-based article that is sure to get you thinking.” Subsequent chapters lay out the innovation challenge facing companies today and offer strategies for raising your return on innovation investment, with perspectives for incumbents and upstarts alike.

Chapters by Booz & Company’s innovation leaders are interspersed with discerning advice from such distinguished business thinkers as Henry Chesbrough, Yves Doz, Costas Markides, C.K. Prahalad, and Michael Schrage — all drawn from strategy+business.

Mastering the Innovation Challenge offers ideas, experience, and lessons not only for senior executives but also for anyone who wants to know how to leverage competitive advantage for maximum results.

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