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strategy and business

Edited by Jeffrey Rothfeder and Georgina Grenon
Introduction by Peter von Hochberg, Kaj Grichnik, and Dermot Shorten

Manufacturing is at the top of many corporate agendas again. Companies have begun to view manufacturing in a new light — as a core component in providing value, and a critical contributor to improvements in earnings. But extracting value from manufacturing now requires extraordinary skills that can turn fossilized plant footprints into virtual networks, convert confrontational worker relationships into constellations of joint interest, transform fragmented supply chains into mutually beneficial arrangements, and retrofit old factories into showcases of lean manufacturing. Keenly aware that the talents to achieve these increasingly essential results are in short supply at many companies, a team of Booz & Company experts has compiled in this book the latest and most innovative ideas in modern manufacturing thought to offer new ways to understand manufacturing: its costs, its hidden value, and its opportunities.

Manufacturing Realities is a mix of groundbreaking prescription and valuable real-life examples. You will read about the unique manufacturing programs at automobile makers and pharmaceutical companies; at industrial equipment makers and candy suppliers; at manufacturers whose nomadic plants move to where their markets are and at companies that are transforming old brownfield factories into modern, efficient plants that outdo even those newly built in low-cost nations. Through these stories and examples from other industries are woven frameworks for step change and proven methodologies to gain deep insights into competitors’ activities as well as your own — in short, practical recommendations for becoming a world-class manufacturer.

Manufacturing Realities could well be the only book you need to address the manufacturing challenges that will inform success or failure in every global industry well into the future.

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