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December 20, 2013

Best of Multimedia: Social Media’s Impact on the Arab Spring, Wall Street, and Outer Space

This visual snapshot shows social media’s central role in communication from 2008‒13.
December 19, 2013

Being Nice to New Hires Is Good for Business

New hires who receive positive support from their bosses and co-workers during their first 90 days on the job tend to have better long-term performance.
December 16, 2013

“Little Data” Matters, Too

Big data is an invaluable source of insight, but companies with limited access to analytics can still find information to improve their business.
December 11, 2013

How Creepy Is Your Company?

In The Circle, novelist Dave Eggers creates a techno-dystopia that does a better job of  driving home the dangers of digitization than any nonfiction polemic to date.
December 5, 2013

Dear Santa: Consumers Prefer DIY Products

As consumers increasingly expect to be able to customize the products they buy, giving them creative control over the assembly process makes them value a product more.
December 4, 2013

Make Big Bets

Harvard Business School professor Anita Elberse argues that making a few big gambles may be a safer long-term strategy than sticking to small investments.
December 2, 2013

Best Business Books 2013: Marketing

Is Your Brand Experienced?
November 27, 2013

When It Comes to Customer Service, Don’t Say No

Lewis P. Carbone, author of Clued In: How to Keep Customers Coming Back Again and Again, introduces an excerpt on how to eliminate negative cues from The Effortless Experience: Conquering the New Battleground for Customer Loyalty, by Matthew Dixon, Nick Toman, and Rick DeLisi.
November 21, 2013

The Psychology of Pricing: Customers Prefer Round Numbers

Business managers may think they’re fooling customers with a $4.99 price tag, but a new study shows most consumers would rather pay $5.00.
November 4, 2013

Why You Should Create Multiple Supply Chains

Manufacturers that take a positive view of product proliferation are better meeting the demands of their customers.
October 24, 2013

Slow and Steady Firms Win the Survival Race

New businesses may be tempted to expand as quickly as possible, but such rapid growth can doom a fledgling company.
September 30, 2013

Jonah Berger Is Over Twitter

How the science of social transmission will help your brand catch on—and why tweeting alone is not enough.
September 27, 2013

Why the Steve Jobs Approach Pays Off

IT firms working with business-to-business clients can boost customer satisfaction and loyalty by bundling hardware, software, and services.
September 23, 2013

Why Haier and Lenovo May Soon Be Household Names

Chinese brands don’t need David Brooks’s “romantic advantage,” just the right capabilities.
September 19, 2013

Variety, Not Quantity, Drives Car Sales

Having too much inventory can hurt sales, but offering a variety of products is good for business.
September 18, 2013

Big Data: Lessons from Earlier Revolutions

What the Internet and focus groups can teach you about putting advanced analytics at the center of your business.
September 12, 2013

An Embarrassment of Feedback

An embarrassed consumer doesn’t automatically translate to a bad review for a company.
September 5, 2013

Identity Theft Safeguards Can Pay Off Twice

Companies that trumpet the protections they offer can cut their losses and post stock gains.
September 4, 2013

What’s Your Metastory?

Ty Montague adds a useful twist to corporate storytelling.
August 29, 2013

The Online Equivalent of Candy at the Checkout

Retailers can trigger shoppers to make impulse buys online just as they can in a physical store.
August 27, 2013

Daniel Pink’s New Pitch

In today’s markets, we are all salespeople.
August 23, 2013

The 10 Worst Words in Business, Volume Two

The world would be a better place without these terms and phrases.
August 21, 2013

Big Data Pressure and the Publicis-Omnicom Merger

Ad agencies should stay focused on what they do best—generating the next big idea.
August 19, 2013

Same-Day Delivery? Not So Fast

Traditional retailers can outshine their online competitors in the distribution game.
August 15, 2013

E-Retailers Depend on the Kindness of Consumers

Online retailers can encourage word-of-mouth advertising by appealing to consumers’ benevolence.
August 6, 2013

The Coming Globalization of Chinese Multinationals: Threat or Opportunity?

As Chinese firms expand their international footprint, they can create unique partnerships with their Western competitors.
August 1, 2013

Is Networking Good for Business? Yes, But Not Always How You Expect

When it comes to building your personal and corporate networks, put the advice of business books through a second set of filters.
July 30, 2013

Welcome to the Nate Silver Business Model

ESPN’s new formula for personal presence could show individuals and companies how to build brands that complement each other.
July 29, 2013

Was News Corp’s Split Inevitable and Is PepsiCo Next?

Why some corporate relationships end in divorce while others live on in blissful union.
July 26, 2013

The Hidden Structure of a Tweet

A closer look reveals that some unstructured data lends itself to insightful analysis.
July 25, 2013

How to Order a Social Media Pizza with Extra Text Mining

Companies can capitalize on the wealth of information in consumers’ and competitors’ online posts.
July 9, 2013

China’s Mid-Market: Where “Good Enough” Just Isn’t

Seven principles can help multinationals sell to a rising segment of eager Chinese customers.
June 27, 2013

When Good Celebrity Endorsers Go Bad, Markets Get Angry (But Not for Long)

What’s the right move when your famous pitchperson takes a public beating?
June 25, 2013

What Is “Big Data,” Anyway?

A crucial first step in applying analytics is to decode the jargon.
June 21, 2013

You Are What Your Dashes Say You Are

Everyone makes mistakes—but some are unacceptable.
June 10, 2013

Mobile Now

With the latest mobile technology, the ability to deliver seamless, omnichannel consumer experiences is finally within reach.
May 28, 2013

Don’t Reengineer. Reimagine.

To realize the digital potential of your business, bring the dynamics of a startup to scale.
May 13, 2013

The Digital Commerce Revolution

A new study is revealing the opportunities and challenges in today’s marketplace, and how marketers, retailers, media companies, and other key industry players can compete to win.
February 26, 2013

The ABCs of Analytics

“Big data” can drive competitive advantage if companies follow a few timeless principles.