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Operations & Manufacturing Archive

October 11, 2002

E-Marketplace Survival Strategies

Business model innovation is overrated. Customizing conventional services online offers the surer path.
July 17, 2002

The Barista Principle — Starbucks and the Rise of Relational Capital

From coffee bar to caffeine kingdom, Starbucks proves relationships are as important as physical assets.
July 15, 2002

Why Outsourcing Is In

Once used largely for nonessential, tactical activities, partnering now covers core operations, transforming entire industries.
April 9, 2002

Reinventing Scale: How to Escape the Size Trap

Value chain mapping can find hidden value in even the oldest industries.
April 9, 2002

From Solutions to Symbiosis: Blending with Your Customers

It’s not enough to know your customers. You have to integrate them into your company.
April 9, 2002

The Four Phases of Continuous Sourcing

Purchasing can deliver ongoing benefits, but only if it cycles through a series of linked disciplines.
January 9, 2002

Marketing and Operations: Can This Marriage Be Saved?

Marketers worry about top-line revenue, while operations people fret about cost. Differentiated Service Policies allow them to coexist.