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Operations & Manufacturing Archive

November 28, 2007

Manufacturing’s “Make or Break” Moment

Reshaping global manufacturing.
October 23, 2007

How Green Is My Value Chain?

Transforming the value chain into a value loop can save natural resources and enhance a business’s long-term prospects.
October 2, 2007

Saving Procurement from Itself

It’s time for chief procurement officers to stop relying solely on functional depth and start increasing functional breadth.
August 29, 2007

See for Yourself

Firsthand observation on the front lines can offer the critical insights that make for inspired — and inspiring — leadership.
August 29, 2007

My Unfashionable Legacy

Participative management has proven its remarkable capabilities again and again. So why is it passing into obscurity?
August 29, 2007

Partners at the Point of Sale

With “shelf-centered collaboration,” manufacturers and retailers can finally put the right product on the right shelf at the right time for the right consumer.
August 29, 2007

Rebuilding Lego, Brick by Brick

How a supply chain transformation helped put the beloved toymaker back together again.
August 29, 2007

Paving the Silk Road

A hybrid solution for sea and air transport addresses the changing nature of global shipping.
June 5, 2007

Shift Worker Productivity Need Not Be an Oxymoron

Employees who work nontraditional schedules can create as much value as nine-to-fivers if executives can manage their expectations and special needs.
May 29, 2007

Win-Win Sourcing

The most effective procurement model fosters knowledge sharing, not mistrust.
May 29, 2007

The Energy-Efficient Supply Chain

How to reduce energy consumption and carbon output in procurement, production, and distribution.
April 3, 2007

What’s a Chaebol to Do?

The family-owned conglomerates made South Korea an industrial powerhouse, but can they transform themselves and their nation’s economy again now that the rules have changed?
March 20, 2007

Brownfield Transformation: 25 Years On, Fulfilling the Promise of Lean Manufacturing

Under intensifying pressure to relocate manufacturing to areas of cheaper labor, the challenge facing many traditional manufacturing locations in the United States and Western Europe will be to transform or close.
March 6, 2007

An Industry for All Seasons

What the apparel industry has gained in scale and scope over the past few decades it has lost in agility and speed. A new kind of product segmentation keeps painful trade-offs to a minimum.
February 27, 2007

The View from the Engine Room

Pharmaceutical executive Michel Lurquin on where manufacturing stands and where it’s going.
January 30, 2007

Seven Counterintuitive Trends

Everyone expects turbulence, but few people are watching the most significant pressures that will confront industry this year.
January 9, 2007

Lessons from the Shop Floor

Service companies can cut costs by borrowing techniques from their manufacturing brethren.