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Operations & Manufacturing Archive

October 1, 2001

B2B Benchmark: The State of Electronic Exchanges

Business-to-business e-commerce is fraught with peril for buyers and sellers alike. An exclusive survey of 1,800 e-Marketplaces shows what it takes to win.
July 1, 2001

Why Cisco Fell: Outsourcing and Its Perils

Cisco. Sony. Palm. Contract manufacturers gave OEMs more supply chain headaches than solutions. What went wrong. What needs to be done.
July 1, 2001

Oasis in the Dot-Com Delivery Desert

E-tail intermediaries may do what Kozmo and Webvan could not.
July 1, 2001

Rethinking Strategy in a Networked World (or Why Michael Porter is Wrong about the Internet)

The Harvard strategy guru errs when he says partnerships erode competitive advantage, the author contends. Instead, they are now central to business success.
April 1, 2001

Beyond Utopia: The Realist’s Guide to Internet-Enabled Supply Chain Management

The solution to more efficient supply networks lies not with “frictionless” technologies, but with shared objectives and insights across the extended enterprise. Call it “Federated Planning.”
April 1, 2001

Beating the B2B Odds

Internet auctions create losers as well as winners. Game theory shows companies how to improve their chances.
January 1, 2001

The Last Mile to Somewhere

Once considered the domain of tacticians, operations now resides at the forefront of business strategy. Consider the saga of Web-based delivery services.
January 1, 2001

From Vertical to Virtual: How Nortel's Supplier Alliances Extend the Enterprise

To grow a new fiber-optics business at Internet speed, the Canadian giant gave up manufacturing and turned its vendors into strategic partners.