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Thursday, July 30
Managers of startup companies should carefully balance their goals of expansion against the reality of cutbacks and downsizing.
Wednesday, July 29
Requesting clearer commitments can mobilize teams and lead to better execution.
Tuesday, July 28
Adopt a leadership mind-set before you try to lead.
Monday, July 27
The beverage alcohol world is ripe for disruption, and distributors who are willing to navigate the industry’s hurdles will find opportunities for growth.
Thursday, July 23
Product returns are typically seen as a necessary headache and a cost drain. But companies can use their return policies to enhance customer loyalty and increase profits.
Wednesday, July 22
The best leadership team contains both innovative producers and recognized performers. Unfortunately, many companies expect a single individual to fulfill both roles. For more related insights, listen to “What Makes Self-Made Billionaires Different.”
Monday, July 20
Use time away from the office to stimulate your development, and have fun doing it.
Thursday, July 16
Online consumer reviews of new products are more than just word of mouth — they also can provide companies with early (and free) advice on how to improve products.
Wednesday, July 15
The b-school professor recommends three books that support the development of value-based leadership.
Tuesday, July 14
Ignoring a colleague’s moving-on announcement isn’t just bad etiquette. It’s unprofessional and reflects poorly on your people skills.

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