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Strategy & Leadership Archive

May 21, 2003

My Coach and I

Health, wellness, and wisdom are all fair game in the executive suite.
May 21, 2003

Delphi Builds a Board

CEO J.T. Battenberg III was determined his directors be not just independent, but engaged.
May 21, 2003

Irrational Exuberance: How the Telecom Industry Went Astray

What happens when demand myths, faulty forecasts, and financing traps converge.
May 20, 2003

The Leadership Challenge 2003

A strategy+business roundtable on CEO turnover and CEO success, with Rakesh Khurana, Thomas J. Neff, Bruce Pasternack, Didier Pineau-Valencienne, and Kenneth Roman.
May 10, 2003

CEO Succession 2002: Deliver or Depart

Performance-related dismissals are up and board tolerance is down at large companies around the world, the annual Booz Allen Hamilton study finds.
February 14, 2003

Symantec’s Strategy-Based Transformation

How fresh leadership, serial acquisitions, and a new market made CEO John Thompson’s billion-dollar promise come true.
February 14, 2003

Corporate Governance: Hard Facts about Soft Behaviors

Seven steps to fixing what Sarbanes-Oxley can’t.
February 12, 2003

The Man Who Saw the Future

As the pace of change in business accelerates, the legacy of Pierre Wack, the father of scenario planning, is more relevant than ever.