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November 22, 2011

Making Customer Segmentation Deliver

As the ability to gather sophisticated data grows, here’s a four-step process for making segmentation drive improved performance.
November 22, 2011

A Better Way to Battle Malware

Emulating the methods used to transform production quality could clean up the Internet — and might even pay for itself.
November 22, 2011

Best Business Books 2011: Technology

The Ecology of Technology
August 23, 2011

A Strategist’s Guide to Digital Fabrication

Rapid advances in manufacturing technology point the way toward a decentralized, more customer-centric “maker” culture. Here are the changes to consider before this innovation takes hold.
July 1, 2011

IT Road Maps for IT Transformation

A conversation with Aetna Executive Vice President Meg McCarthy.
May 24, 2011

Focus and Scale on the Internet

The next wave of online business models must focus narrowly, rather than blindly pursuing scale.
May 24, 2011

Banking on Social Media

Retail banks can use Facebook, YouTube, and other new platforms to better reach their “Generation C” customers.
May 16, 2011

A Long-Wave Theory on Today’s Digital Revolution

Historian Elin Whitney-Smith looks at previous periods of disruption to understand what companies (and people) are going through today.
May 2, 2011

The Virtual Fitting Room

As simulation technologies transform the apparel shopping experience, retailers must decide how rapidly to embrace innovation. The Fits.me story demonstrates how challenging — and rewarding — an Internet marketing strategy can be.
February 22, 2011

The Coming Wave of “Social Apponomics”

The secret to profitability on the Internet has finally arrived in an innovative blend of social media, Web mobility, and creative e-commerce applications.
February 22, 2011

The Rise of Generation C

How to prepare for the Connected Generation’s transformation of the consumer and business landscape.
February 22, 2011

The M-Commerce Challenge to Retail

As smartphones change shopping, merchants face a stark choice: Fall in behind their newly enabled consumers or fall behind altogether.
February 22, 2011

The Thought Leader Interview: Didier Lombard

The former chairman of the board of France Télécom says telecommunications companies must outpace — or be inundated by — the coming explosion in data traffic.
February 22, 2011

Your Brain on the Internet

A review of The Shallows, by Nicholas G. Carr.
February 22, 2011

Cisco’s Virtual Management Lab

How one of the world’s most innovative companies discovered the value of focusing its R&D attention on its own business practices.
February 22, 2011

Stan Ovshinsky’s Solar Revolution

His inventions from 50 years ago enabled cell phones, laptops, and flat-screen TVs. Now, at age 88, he’s aiming to make solar power cheaper than coal.