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Thought Leaders Archive

November 22, 2011

China’s Auto Industry Responds to Record Growth

Dazong Wang, CEO of one of China’s largest automakers, discusses how auto companies will keep pace with Chinese consumers’ appetite for cars.
November 22, 2011

The Thought Leader Interview: Meg Wheatley

An expert on innovative leadership warns that too many companies are reverting to fear-driven management. Instead, executives should hold to their values and build healthy corporate communities.
November 7, 2011

How Coca-Cola Manages 90 Emerging Markets

The world’s largest beverage company has delegated major decision making to individual markets, but it maintains its global brand strategy through collaborative practices.
October 24, 2011

How Female Talent Could Transform Emerging Economies

Authors Sylvia Ann Hewlett and Ripa Rashid argue that corporate leaders are overlooking one of the most enthusiastic, capable sources of talent in the world: women in emerging markets.
September 19, 2011

China in Transition

China’s rising middle class will challenge the world’s resources — and press China’s leadership for change, says Cheng Li, a leading Chinese political scientist.
August 23, 2011

The Case for Intelligent Industrial Policy

Economic strategist Clyde Prestowitz argues for better support for manufacturing.
August 23, 2011

The Thought Leader Interview: Sylvia Nasar

The renowned author discusses how the great economists uncovered the basic truth about progress, prosperity, and productivity, and the reasons you should be careful which ideas you listen to.
July 1, 2011

IT Road Maps for IT Transformation

A conversation with Aetna Executive Vice President Meg McCarthy.
May 30, 2011

3M’s Open Innovation

Fred J. Palensky, chief technology officer at one of the world’s most innovative companies, explains how to foster the ongoing cross-pollination of ideas.
May 24, 2011

The Art of the Business Narrative

Hollywood producer, executive, and entrepreneur Peter Guber makes the case that telling purposeful stories is an essential skill for leaders.
May 24, 2011

The Thought Leader Interview: Henry Chesbrough

To escape the commodity trap — and to compete effectively in a knowledge-based economy — business leaders of all kinds need to reinvent themselves as innovators in services.
May 16, 2011

A Long-Wave Theory on Today’s Digital Revolution

Historian Elin Whitney-Smith looks at previous periods of disruption to understand what companies (and people) are going through today.
April 4, 2011

The Innovation Advantage

Council on Foreign Relations fellow Adam Segal decodes the rise of innovation in China and India — and what it really means for the United States.
March 7, 2011

How to Balance Power and Love

Scenario planning and social change expert Adam Kahane suggests that to master large and difficult challenges, leaders need to learn to act and empathize simultaneously.
February 22, 2011

The Thought Leader Interview: Didier Lombard

The former chairman of the board of France Télécom says telecommunications companies must outpace — or be inundated by — the coming explosion in data traffic.
January 19, 2011

A Corporate Climate of Mutual Help

Edgar Schein, MIT’s sage of organizational culture, explains why the quest for accountability should start with interdependence.
January 14, 2011

How to Bring Innovations to Market

Management professor Vijay Govindarajan explains why companies have trouble implementing new ideas — and what they should do about it.