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Thought Leaders Archive

November 20, 2001

An Interview with Paul M. Romer

Stanford university economics professor Paul Romer explains how the knowledge economy is creating monopoly power and changing the nature of competition. This stems from the ability of knowledge-based industries to generate increasing returns by capturing as much market share as possible. Unlike traditional monopolies, however, information age giants will face being superseded by new entrants and little danger exists of permanent monopolies -- even in an industry like software.
October 1, 2001

Climbing to Greatness with Jim Collins

The management scholar put 1,435 good companies through a rigorous performance analysis and discovered only 11 became great. Here’s why.
October 1, 2001

Clayton M. Christensen, The Thought Leader Interview

The innovator’s educator looks at why great companies fail and why theory trumps data.
October 1, 2001

Zealot Profile: Daniel B. Brewster Jr.

Gruner + Jahr USA, President and CEO
July 1, 2001

Zealot Profile: Phil Duke

Lockheed Martin Corporation, Corporate Executive Vice President for Shared Services
July 1, 2001

Jack Stack’s Story Is an Open Book

A small Ozarks manufacturer has a message for big companies: Open-book management can increase productivity and release entrepreneurial spirit.
July 1, 2001

Jared Diamond: The Thought Leader Interview

The innovation historian looks to China, India, and Israel to discover 100,000-year-old lessons in business management.
April 1, 2001

Zealot Profile: Siegfried Woldhek

World Wide Fund for Nature, The Netherlands Director, Action Network
April 1, 2001

The Dilemma Doctors

Anglo-Dutch gurus Fons Trompenaars and Charles Hampden-Turner have become the go-to guys on multinational mergers. Their recipe: making opposites attract.
April 1, 2001

Arie de Geus: The Thought Leader Interview

The guru of organizational learning says that robber baronialism helped kill the dot economy.
January 1, 2001

Zealot Profile: Wade R. Fenn

Best Buy Co. Inc., Executive Vice President, Marketing
January 1, 2001

Zealot Profile: Carly S. Fiorina

Hewlett-Packard Company, Chairman, President, and CEO
January 1, 2001

Zealot Profile: Carlos Ghosn

Nissan Motor Company, President and Chief Operating Officer
January 1, 2001

Zealot Profile: Gustavo A. Cisneros

Cisneros Groups of Companies, Chairman and CEO
January 1, 2001

Zealot Profile: Jack Berkowitz

American Lawyer Media Inc., Vice President for Strategic Planning
January 1, 2001

Zealot Profile: Roel Pieper

Twinning Network, Chairman
January 1, 2001

Zealot Profile: Marilyn H. Knox

Nestlé Canada Inc., President, Nutrition
January 1, 2001

Zealot Profile: Susan Desmond-Hellman

Genentech Inc., Executive Vice President, Development and Product Operations, and Chief Medical Officer
January 1, 2001

Jeffrey E. Garten: The Thought Leader Interview

The Yale Management School dean plumbs the mind of the CEO.