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strategy and business

strategy+business (Issue 42 / Spring 2006)

Below is a full article list from this issue of strategy+business.

Mergers: Back to “Happily Ever After”
by Gerald Adolph
Mergers are often considered risky, but when they're executed correctly, there's no better way to grow a company. Here are three crucial factors for M&A success.
Why Managing by Facts Works
by Jeffrey Pfeffer and Robert I. Sutton
Few companies employ vidence-based management — the notion that real knowledge in the form of empirical analysis of results is the shortest path to sound decisions.
Dueling Technologies at the Point of Sale
by Olaf Acker, Niklas Dieterich, and Christopher Schmitz
Paying with a mobile phone is big business in Japan and Korea, but hasn't yet caught on in the United States.
Commit and Deliver
by Cyrus Freidheim
From the outside, a CEO’s job looks difficult. From the inside, it’s merely impossible — unless you take charge of the company’s agenda.
Research Meets Practice
by Robin Portman, Kevin Vigilante, and Brenda Ecken
A nationwide cancer information network could use cross-boundary knowledge to promote a broader base of breakthroughs.
The Hidden Costs of Clicks
by Tim Laseter, Elliot Rabinovich, and Angela Huang
Internet retailers are finally learning why books and luggage make money online — while shoes and toys don’t.
The Beatles Principles
by Andrew Sobel
Lessons about teamwork and creativity from the most successful band in history.
Manufacturing Myopia
by Kaj Grichnik, Conrad Winkler, and Peter von Hochberg
Instead of drifting into decline and irrelevance, producers of goods have a chance to seize the future.
Sharpening Your Business Acumen
by Ram Charan
A six-step guide for incorporating external trends into your internal strategies.
Love Your “Dogs”
by Harry Quarls, Thomas Pernsteiner, and Kasturi Rangan
Behavioral economics can reveal the hidden value in the poor performers of a business unit portfolio.
Five-Star Hospitals
by Joe Flower
Treating patients like customers is not only good medicine; it’s good business.
City Planet
by Stewart Brand
Get ready for cosmopolitan slums with thriving markets, aging residents, and the most creative economies in history.
Yossi Sheffi: The Thought Leader Interview
by Amy Bernstein
Truly resilient companies treat security as an integral part of their strategy, says MIT’s leading supply chain expert.
Derivative Wisdom
by Rob Norton
Sources old and new that allow mere mortals to crack the code of cutting-edge finance.
Books in Brief
by David K. Hurst
“Rank and yank” defended, consumers empowered, innovators differentiated, and Michael Jackson inflamed.
Recent Research
by Des Dearlove and Stuart Crainer
On entrepreneurs, innovation, executive women, and CEO pay.
Private Dancer
by Bruce Feirstein


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