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strategy and business

strategy+business (Issue 40 / Fall 2005)

Below is a full article list from this issue of strategy+business.

Making Acquisitions Work
by Kenneth W. Freeman
By adhering to four operational principles of integration, companies can maximize their chances for M&A success.
Getting the Most from the “Feet on the Street”
by Edward Landry and Jaya Pandrangi
A strategic approach to the often-overlooked field of outsourced merchandising can cut costs and transform a company’s presence on the shelves.
Skype's Choice
by Gordon Cook
The most attractive new form of Internet telephony is also the most threatening to corporate security — for now.
Virtual Scale: Alliances for Leverage
by Doug Hardman, David Messinger, and Sara Bergson
Smaller companies can compete with industry giants by pooling resources with carefully chosen partners.
Prescription for Change
by Gary Ahlquist, David Knott, and Philip Lathrop
Health plans that put consumers in the driver’s seat are the last chance to avoid a government-controlled monopoly.
Materials Witnesses
by Art Kleiner
When companies come together to save the world, what’s more compelling — environmental results or competitive advantage?
The Life of a Plan
by Sam Hill
In fulfilling that long-deferred dream, it’s good to start your second career before you exit your first.
The Cat That Came Back
by Gary L. Neilson and Bruce A. Pasternack
How the world's largest heavy equipment manufacturer rebuilt its organizational DNA.
Format Invasions: Surviving Business’s Least Understood Competitive Upheavals
by Bertrand Shelton, Thomas Hansson, and Nicholas Hodson
Surviving business's least understood competitive upheavals.
Skoda Leaps to Market
by Jonathan Ledgard
A Communist car monopoly turned Volkswagen subsidiary is now becoming an entrepreneurial global enterprise.
The Advertising Saturation Point
by Evan Hirsh and Mark Schweizer
For every automobile, and maybe every product, there’s a threshold beyond which your ad budget is wasted.
The Prophet of Unintended Consequences
by Lawrence M. Fisher
Jay Forrester’s computer models show the nonlinear roots of calamity and reveal the leverage that can help us avoid it.
Daniel Yankelovich: The Thought Leader Interview
by Art Kleiner
America’s most eminent pollster says the current epidemic of business scandals must be healed through a shift in norms, not laws.
Dirty and Clean Laundry
by Milton Moskowitz
A new spate of books and reports puts corporate behavior on display — and enlivens the debate about business’s purpose in society.
Books in Brief
by David K. Hurst
Turnaround champions, China’s entrepreneurs, executive pay, and Wall Street’s edgy investment bankers.
Recent Research
by Des Dearlove and Stuart Crainer
On emerging-world corporate “tigers,” the profitability of innovations, and other topics of interest.
Holding Out for a Hero
by Bruce Feirstein


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