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strategy and business

strategy+business (Issue 38 / Spring 2005)

Below is a full article list from this issue of strategy+business.

SOX Rocks, but Won’t Block Shocks
by Paul Kocourek, Jim Newfrock, and Reggie Van Lee
To protect shareholder value, companies must link risk management with strategic planning and avoid overreacting to regulatory compliance mandates.
Are Dollar Reserves Still Safe?
by Dean Baker and Mark Weisbrot
The U.S. dollar has been the world’s main reserve currency since World War II, but this source of stability is becoming more and more dangerous.
I Want My DTT
by Luigi Pugliese
Digital terrestrial television uses analog technology to deliver digital programming — and may soon affect everything from home entertainment to mobile communications.
Correcting a Culture That Breeds Mistakes
by Robert E. Mittelstaedt Jr.
Major corporate crises don't just happen. Most are the result of multiple mistakes.
Beware the Product Death Cycle
by Art Kleiner
The quality wars were allegedly won in the 1980s. Why, then, are we again overwhelmed by junk?
The China Syndrome
by Mitchell Quint and Dermot Shorten
A five-dimension analytical model for deciding when (and when not) to purchase from the East.
Suits to the Rescue
by Nicholas G. Carr
The most creative member of an R&D team may be its accountant.
Not Your Father's CFO
by Vinay Couto, Irmgard Heinz, and Mark J. Moran
With Sarbanes-Oxley at their backs and growth on the horizon, leading chief financial officers are transforming their roles … and their companies.
The Core’s Competence
by Steffen M. Lauster and J. Neely
The case for recentralization in consumer products companies.
Supermodels to the Rescue
by Mark Buchanan
Agent-based simulations are allowing companies to build silicon versions of themselves, piece by piece and person by person.
Winning Hearts and Minds at Home Depot
by Victoria Griffith
Bob Nardelli’s pursuit of perfection, 3 billion human interactions per year.
Bjorn Lomborg Is the World’s Most Optimistic Statistician
by Jonathan Ledgard
The Danish Socialist has courted fame and calumny by daring to declare that the world is getting better.
Ira M. Millstein: The Thought Leader Interview
by Michael Schrage
Reform board structures or accept more value destruction, the corporate governance doyen warns.
Recent Studies
by Des Dearlove and Stuart Crainer
Distributed leadership, shareholder value in family-owned firms, R&D strategy, and other topics of interest.
Point or Shoot
by Michael Schrage
Why you should learn to love PowerPoint and the 2x2 matrix.
Shanghai Noodle Factory
by Bruce Feirstein


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