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strategy and business

strategy+business (Issue 37 / Winter 2004)

Below is a full article list from this issue of strategy+business.

RFID: Thinking Outside the Closed Loop
by Stefan Stroh and Jürgen Ringbeck
Despite excitement over RFID technology and its future promise, most companies currently lack a business case to adopt it anytime soon.
Making Differentiation Make a Difference
by Patrick Barwise and Seán Meehan
By paying attention to what consumers really want, companies can attract new customers and create a distinctive brand.
How MNCs Can Fight the War on HIV/AIDS
by John Larkin, Ellen Knebel, and Joshua Trevino
Companies must join the fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS not just because it is socially responsible, but because their businesses are at risk.
The Superpremium Premium
by Leslie H. Moeller, Nick Hodson, and Brad Wolfsen
Even in commodity categories, four simple steps can lead marketers to a high-margin brand.
Bridging the Breakthrough Gap
by Nicholas G. Carr
Creating disruptions is fine, but mending them may be even better. The case for cautious inventiveness.
The Lean, Green Service Machine
by Narayan Nallicheri, T. Curt Bailey, and J. Scott Cade
To make customer focus profitable, service organizations can learn much from manufacturers.
Recombinant Innovation
by Art Kleiner
The best new product ideas are hatched by collaboration, not soloists.
Making the Perfect Marketer
by Paul Hyde, Edward Landry, and Andrew Tipping
A study from the Association of National Advertisers and Booz Allen Hamilton suggests five ways to make marketing more relevant than ever.
The Fall and Rise of the CMO
by Gail McGovern and John A. Quelch
Chief marketing officers come in three new-and-improved flavors, exclusive Harvard research shows.
Europe: Old World or New?
A strategy+business roundtable on unity, innovation, and growth in the cradle of modernity.
Flextronics: Staying Real in a Virtual World
by Jeff Ferry
By getting lean, vertical, and global, a Singaporean contract manufacturer became the biggest tech company you’ve never heard of.
Best Business Books 2004
Best Business Books 2004: s+b's Top Shelf
Best Business Books 2004: Strategy
by Chuck Lucier and Jan Dyer
The Crucial Link to Execution
Best Business Books 2004: Management
by David K. Hurst
Doing the Right Thing
Best Business Books 2004: IT & Innovation
by Steve Lohr
The Sky is Still the Limit
Best Business Books 2004: Leadership
by Bruce A. Pasternack and James O’Toole
Sex, Shame, and Shareholder Value
Best Business Books 2004: Governance
by Frances Cairncross
Next Steps for Boardroom Reform
Best Business Books 2004: Change Management
by John Jones and Elizabeth Powers
The Three Elements of Transformation
Best Business Books 2004: The Bubble
by John R. Patrick
Reconsidering the Boom and the Bust
Best Business Books 2004: Behavioral Economics
by Diane Coyle
The Not-So-Dismal Science
Best Business Books 2004: The New Consumer
by Kate Jennings
The Fall of the Mall
Best Business Books 2004: Index
Kenneth W. Freeman: The Thought Leader Interview
by Randall Rothenberg
The founding chairman and CEO of Quest Diagnostics identifies the five stages of a turnaround.
Recent Studies
by Des Dearlove and Stuart Crainer
On the perils of stretch goals, modular engineering, educating CEOs, and other topics of interest.
Everybody's Talking At Me
by Bruce Feirstein


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