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strategy and business

strategy+business (Issue 36 / Fall 2004)

Below is a full article list from this issue of strategy+business.

No-Frills CRM
by Viren Doshi and Richard Verity
By leveraging the customer data it already possesses, a company can improve customer profitability and uncover new opportunities. 
Why Experience Marketing Pays
by B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore
By creating marketing “experiences,” companies generate new demand for core offerings.
Supply Chain Strategy: Back to Basics
by Keith Oliver, Dermot Shorten, and Harriet Engel
Eight best practices for managing the supply chain.
The Wisdom (and Worth) of "Generation Techs"
by Marc Prensky
The new breed of staff can be an enormous force for positive change and success in their companies — if managers listen to them.
Mastering Imitation
by Nicholas G. Carr
For every thousand flowers that bloom, a million weeds surface. Best to cultivate from the greats.
Think Global, Act European
by Pascal Cagni
The E.U.’s growth to 25 countries is forcing multinational managers to recast how they “glocalize.”
When Offshoring Isn’t a Sure Thing
by Tim Laseter
Gung ho for going global? Make sure to look beyond labor costs.
Building the Advantaged Supply Network
by Bill Jackson and Conrad Winkler
Working in tandem, buyers and suppliers can find better ways to cut costs and increase innovation.
How Dell Got Soul
by Lawrence M. Fisher
When growth slowed in Y2K, the computer maker’s leaders realized they needed to redesign their win-at-all-costs culture.
The Upwardly Global MBA
by Nigel Andrews and Laura D’Andrea Tyson
A survey of 100-plus executives in more than 20 countries identifies the knowledge, skills, and attributes young leaders need to succeed.
Leadership Is a Contact Sport: The "Follow-up Factor" in Management Development
by Marshall Goldsmith and Howard Morgan
A review of leadership development programs at eight major corporations reveals that nothing works better than interaction with colleagues.
Post-capitalism's Drop-out Prophet
by Andrea Gabor
Shoshana Zuboff says organizational and individual fulfillment can be reconciled — and she left Harvard to prove it.
Ram Charan: The Thought Leader Interview
by Randall Rothenberg
The celebrated CEO coach says leaders must learn to confront reality.
What’s a Director to Do?
by Michael Schrage
From governance guru Ira Millstein and others, complex counsel on blending oversight and intervention.
Recent Studies
by Des Dearlove and Stuart Crainer
On diversity’s payoff, e-pricing strategy, marketing and growth, and other topics of interest.
I'm Looking Through You
by Bruce Feirstein


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