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strategy and business

strategy+business (Issue 35 / Summer 2004)

Below is a full article list from this issue of strategy+business.

Health Care’s Technology Cost Crisis
by Charles Beever, Heather Burns, and Melanie Karbe
Spiraling drug prices aren’t the only challenge facing the U.S. health-care system. Medical technology costs must be controlled, without sacrificing innovation.
Four Steps to Corporate Resilience
by Liisa Välikangas
Rather than survival of the fittest, a truly healthy approach to economic adaptation and wealth creation is for companies to become more resilient.
The Right Way to Make Branch Banking Pay
by Paul Kocourek, Aditya Bhasin, and Paul Hyde
For today’s consumer banks, reinventing local branches as a hub to attract and retain customers is essential to profit and growth.
Volunteering to Be a Better Manager
by Richard Pound and Karl Moore
Volunteering in nonprofits isn’t just a charitable act; it’s a way for executives to hone their management and leadership skills.
The 10 Principles of Change Management
by John Jones, DeAnne Aguirre, and Matthew Calderone
Tools and techniques to help companies transform quickly.
HR on Top
by Edward E. Lawler III
Outsourcing routine activities can turn human resources administrators into business strategists.
The World’s Most Exciting Accountant
by Art Kleiner
NYU Professor Baruch Lev finds vast value in intangible assets.
The Power of Plausibility Theory
by Tim Laseter and Matthias Hild
A new form of decision analysis is helping executives reevaluate risk management.
The Innovator's Prescription: Raising Your Return on Innovation Investment
by Alexander Kandybin and Martin Kihn
Each company has an intrinsic innovation effectiveness curve. Here are three ways to lift it.
The Innovator's Prescription: The Art of Scale
by Costas Markides and Paul Geroski
How to turn someone else’s idea into a big business.
The Innovator's Prescription: The Relevance of Brand Relevance
by David A. Aaker
New product categories can subvert incumbent brands — or give them a new lease on life.
CEO Succession 2003: The Perils of "Good" Governance
by Chuck Lucier, Rob Schuyt, and Junichi Handa
Pressured by shareholders, boards are humbling once-imperial CEOs — in ways that may contribute to lower returns, Booz Allen Hamilton’s annual study finds.
Leading Witnesses
Conversations with scholars and practitioners on the new challenges of life at the top.
The 7 Types of Organizational DNA
by Gary Neilson, Bruce A. Pasternack, and Decio Mendes
An exclusive survey shows most companies possess traits that inhibit their ability to execute.
The Philosopher of Progress and Prosperity
by Art Kleiner
Peruvian economist Hernando de Soto has found a way to enrich the poor.
Herb Kelleher: The Thought Leader Interview
by Chuck Lucier
The cofounder and chairman of Southwest Airlines tells why a firm’s people are everything.
Does Nick Carr Matter?
by Steve Lohr
A controversial new book on the strategic value of information technology is flawed — but right.
Recent Studies
On corporate theater, social enterprises, activity-based cost accounting, and other topics of interest.
Standing in the Shadows of Love
by Bruce Feirstein


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