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strategy and business

strategy+business (Issue 33 / Winter 2003)

Below is a full article list from this issue of strategy+business.

The Prescription for Drug Costs
by Heather Burns, Charles Beever, and Robert Hutchens
Applied Governance: Beyond Compliance
by Worth D. MacMurray
What Will Be Made in China
by Barry Jaruzelski and Jay Kumar
The Company’s Mission Is the Message
by Bill George
Learning Success from Distress
by Jay Alix and Jay Marshall
Because the line between underperformance and crisis is thin, a CEO needs to think like a turnaround artist.
The Big, the Bad, and the Beautiful
by Tim Laseter, Martha Turner, and Ron Wilcox
Size comes in three flavors — scale, scope, and network. Choose wisely from the menu.
GE’s Next Workout
by Art Kleiner
The industrial giant’s legendary learning center, Crotonville, has a new assignment: Teach every manager to be a strategist.
Boardroom Supports
by Ram Charan
Directors play a crucial role in selecting, training, and nurturing a new CEO.
What Strategists Can Learn from Sartre
by James Ogilvy
In an uncertain world where competitive advantage is insecure, setting strategy must become an existential exercise.
The Four Bases of Organizational DNA
by Gary Neilson, Bruce A. Pasternack, and Decio Mendes
Trait by trait, companies can evolve their own execution cultures.
The New Architecture of Biomedical Research
by Lawrence M. Fisher
As the economics of R&D evolve, the Salk and other private research institutes become increasingly crucial to health care’s changing value chain.
Best Business Books 2003
Best Business Books 2003: s+b's Top Shelf
Best Business Books 2003: Strategy
by Chuck Lucier and Jan Dyer
Strategy’s New Value Proposition
Best Business Books 2003: Management
by David K. Hurst
Weapons of Managerial Destruction
Best Business Books 2003: Innovation
by Randy Komisar
The High Art of Business
Best Business Books 2003: Corporate Scandals
by Rob Walker
No Simple Tales of Thievery
Best Business Books 2003: Globalization
by Sylvia Nasar
What the Rich and Free Owe the Poor and Oppressed
Best Business Books 2003: Leadership
by Bruce A. Pasternack and James O’Toole
The Needs of the Followers
Best Business Books 2003: Values
by Kate Jennings
Managing the Me Generation
Best Business Books 2003: Human Capital
by Charles Handy
Business as Baseball
Best Business Books 2003: Business History
by Rob Norton
Have You Read about Ford Lately?
Best Business Books 2003: Index
Daniel Kahneman: The Thought Leader Interview
by Michael Schrage
The Nobel Prize–winning economist parses the roles of emotion, cognition, and perception in the understanding of business risk.
Research Notes
by Des Dearlove and Stuart Crainer
Customer-driven product innovation, hidden financial risks, consumer boycotts, and other topics of interest.
The Circle Game
by Bruce Feirstein


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