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strategy and business

strategy+business (Issue 32 / Fall 2003)

Below is a full article list from this issue of strategy+business.

Management Lessons from Modern Wars
by David Newkirk and Stuart Crainer
The Economics of Aesthetics
by Virginia Postrel
The New Leadership: Spirited and Spiritual
by Klaus-Peter Gushurst
Managing the Maze of Multisided Markets
by David S. Evans
Running a platform business? Take a tip from Hiromoto Fukuda’s dating club.
Reality Is Perception: The Truth about Car Brands
by Evan Hirsh, Steve Hedlund, and Mark Schweizer
Expensive advertising cannot compensate for weak brands and undifferentiated products.
Making Patient Capital Pay Off
by Art Kleiner
What transforms a craze into sustained growth? Trust.
When Will Supply Chain Management Grow Up?
by Tim Laseter and Keith Oliver
Answer: When companies take to heart its three underlying principles.
What Business Needs from Business Schools
by Joyce Doria, Horacio Rozanski, and Ed Cohen
Cookie-cutter programs are producing look-alike MBAs. Contemporary companies want creative, collaborative thinkers and leaders.
Colonizers and Consolidators: The Two Cultures of Corporate Strategy
by Costas Markides and Paul Geroski
A firm can pioneer a market or scale it — but not both.
Multinationals vs. Multilatinas: Latin America’s Great Race
by Alonso Martinez, Ivan De Souza, and Francis Liu
Established global companies and emerging locals are battling for dominance. Here's how to handicap the winners.
Risky Business: Geopolitics and the Global Corporation
by Sven Behrendt and Parag Khanna
In an economy filled with both promise and threat, business executives must draw a new map of the world.
The Paradox of Charles Handy
by Lawrence M. Fisher
Vicar and visionary, modern management’s most eminent philosopher says it takes a village to build a company.
John Kay: The Thought Leader Interview
by Des Dearlove
The controversial U.K. economist dismantles four myths about the American business model.
The Voice of the Stakeholder
by Judith Samuelson and Bill Birchard
Is sustainability sustainable? Twelve works argue there is value in “corporate values.”
Recent Studies
by Des Dearlove and Stuart Crainer
On customer feedback online, vanishing COOs, rebuilding trust, and other topics of interest.
The New You
by Bruce Feirstein


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