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strategy and business

strategy+business (Fourth Quarter 2002)

Below is a full article list from this issue of strategy+business.

Why Deal Makers Go Astray
by Ram Charan
The “Dos” and “Don’ts” of Options Grants
by Paul Oyer
Global Warming: Perception Is Reality
by Robert Lukefahr and Tim Donohue
The Art of Best Practice Transfer
by Paul F. Kocourek, Walter J. Mancini, and Matthew Calderone
Flipping the “Switch”: Big Pharma’s Biggest Challenge
by Minoo Javanmardian, Alex Kandybin, and Martin Kihn
Drug companies believe they’ll reap billions taking prescription medicines “over the counter.” But the strategy is no substitute for real innovation.
Apocalypse 2010?
by Art Kleiner
Populist gadfly Jeff Gates wants today’s CEOs to build a new middle class with stock ownership plans. Or else.
E-Marketplace Survival Strategies
by Tim Laseter and Christopher Capers
Business model innovation is overrated. Customizing conventional services online offers the surer path.
Globalism without Tears: A New Social Compact for CEOs
by Jeffrey E. Garten
The world’s economies can grow more secure and more humane if chief executives and boards accept and execute a five-point corporate citizenship agenda.
Consolidation: The Wireless Way
by Raul L. Katz, Maximilian E. Weise, and Daniel H. Yang
As pressures to merge rise yet again, wireless operators need innovative approaches to yield economic benefits.
Karen Stephenson’s Quantum Theory of Trust
by Art Kleiner
Companies can analyze, engineer, and elevate their own human networks, says the pioneering social scientist.
Best Business Books 2002
Our second annual guide includes 10 essays covering subjects of perennial interest — management, leadership, strategy, and ethics — and new topics relevant to this particular time, including globalization, managing in the "new Europe," the science of networks, and women leaders.
Best Business Books 2002: Management
by David K. Hurst
From the High Ground to the Swamp
Best Business Books 2002: Leadership
by Bruce A. Pasternack and James O’Toole
Theory and Practice: So Happy Together
Best Business Books 2002: Strategy
by Chuck Lucier and Jan Dyer
What Jack Welch Learned from the Prussian Army
Best Business Books 2002: Ethics
by Frances Cairncross
Enron and Other Moral Hazards
Best Business Books 2002: The Biggest Management Book Ever
by Kenneth Roman
Best Business Books 2002: Women Leaders
by Kate Jennings
Cads and Ads
Best Business Books 2002: Globalization
by Rob Norton
Two Cheers for Free Trade
Best Business Books 2002: New Europe
by David Newkirk
One Market, Many Cheeses
Best Business Books 2002: Management's Renaissance Man
by Charles Handy
Best Business Books 2002: Networks
by Michael Schrage
Network Theory’s New Math
Best Business Books 2001-2002
Yves Doz: The Thought Leader Interview
by Lawrence M. Fisher
Multinational companies, says the INSEAD professor, must learn to discover, access, mobilize, and leverage knowledge from across the globe.
Recent Studies
by Des Dearlove and Stuart Crainer
On securities analysts, innovation, European happiness, Asian competitiveness, and other topics of interest.
A Higher Calling
by Bruce Feirstein


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