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strategy and business

strategy+business (Fourth Quarter 1999)

Below is a full article list from this issue of strategy+business.

The Internet as a Marketing Medium
by Frank Ingari
"Saving Big Blue," by Robert Slater
by Stuart Crainer
Saving Big Blue: Leadership Lessons & Turnaround Tactics of IBM'S Lou Gerstner by Robert Slater (304 pages, McGraw-Hill, 1999)
Beyond Stupid, Slow and Expensive: Reintegrating Work to Improve Productivity
by Charles E. Lucier and Janet Torsilieri
Division of labor soon will be supplanted by a new paradigm — the reintegration of work.
How the Boston Red Sox Touch All the Branding Bases
by Glenn Rifkin
You need to win it all to create a powerful brand, right? Think again. This baseball team hasn't won it all since 1918, but fans keep coming back.
Brand Zealots: Realizing the Full Value of Emotional Brand Loyalty
by Horacio D. Rozanski, Allen G. Baum and Bradley T. Wolfsen
Great brands have fanatical followers who can insure the brand endures. Make sure your biggest fans don't become your greatest enemies.
Channel Champions: The Rise and Fall of Product-Based Differentiation
by Evan R. Hirsh and Steven B. Wheeler
Welcome to the new era — where companies are known by their innovative channels, not their commoditized products.
The Action Lab: Creating a Greenhouse for Organizational Change
by Richard T. Pascale and Anne H. Miller
How do you mobilize your company for rapid change? The Action Lab catalyzes "out of the box" thinking-and empowers the company to act.
Tailored Marketing on the Internet: Does It Really Capture Customers?
by Victoria Griffith
Forget all the hype about "tailored marketing" on the Internet. The Web is just as likely to drive a wedge between retailers and their customers as it is to bring them closer.
An Interview with John Seely Brown
by Lawrence M. Fisher
Taking Wal-Mart Global: Lessons From Retailing's Giant
by Vijay Govindarajan and Anil K. Gupta
How did this retailer go global? By using a strategy of "directed opportunism." And knowing how to clone its corporate DNA.
Post-Merger Integration: What Makes Mergers Work?
by Albert J. Viscio, John R. Harbison, Amy Asin and Richard P. Vitaro
Only half of all M&A activity improves shareholder returns. Here's how to maximize your chances for success.


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