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strategy and business

strategy+business (Second Quarter 1999)

Below is a full article list from this issue of strategy+business.

Branding.com: How Bricks-and-Mortar Companies Can Make it on Internet
by Victoria Griffith
How do you turn your real-estate investments into a thriving Web storefront? Make sure you have a strategic approach to reaching your customers.
"Enterprise.com: Market Leadership in the Information Age," by Jeffrey Papows, Ph.D.
by Barbara Presley Noble
Enterprise.com: Market Leadership in the Information Age by Jeffrey P. Papows, Ph.D. (256 pages, Perseus Books, 1999)
"The Crisis of Global Capitalism: Open Society Endangered," by George Soros
by Tim Dickson
The Crisis of Global Capitalism: Open Society Endangered by George Soros (245 pages, Little, Brown & Company, 1998)
"The Temporary Society," Warren G. Bennis and Philip E. Slater
by Barbara Presley Noble
The Temporary Society: What Is Happening to Business & Family Life in America under the Impact of Accelerating Change by Warren G. Bennis and Philip E. Slater (170 pages, Jossey-Bass Publishers, 1998)
The End of Overhead
by Charles E. Lucier and Janet D. Torsilieri
By eliminating expertise-oriented overhead and improving the productivity of knowledge workers, companies can reduce costs significantly.
When Stories Create an Organization
by Janis Forman
Communications are suffering from an overemphasis on graphics and multimedia that are turning boardrooms into video-game parlors. Learn the art of storytelling to get your agenda across.
How Mondavi Is Growing around the World
by Lawrence M. Fisher
Joint ventures can hold the key to expanding globally, introducing new product lines and leveraging brand capital. But it takes good relationships - and patience.
Corporate Strategy in a Digital Age
by Charles V. Callahan and Bruce A. Pasternack
Is the Internet really revolutionizing the business world? The answer is yes, in at least seven ways.
Five Rules for Winning Emerging Market Consumers
by James A. Gingrich
Multinationals need a disciplined approach to selling in emerging markets. They can't launch consumer products with a scattershot approach.
Label of Origin: Made on Earth
by Cesare R. Mainardi, Martin Salva and Muir Sanderson
Barriers to trade - language, education, buying power - are fast disappearing. No longer is it so important that a product was "Made in China," or Canada, or France. Labels of country of origin have been largely a matter of semantics for years. Now, with new trade agreements among nations, the only label that might make sense is "Made on Earth."
MACH 3: Anatomy of Gillette's Latest Global Launch
by Glenn Rifkin
Can a consumer product be launched globally in a short time? It can if sufficient resources and time are allocated to planning the effort.
Making ERP Succeed: Turning Fear into Promise
by Scott Buckhout, Edward Frey and Joseph Nemec Jr.
No one ever said enterprise resource planning was easy. Here's how to make it work - on time and under budget.
An Interview with Michel Bon
by Joel Kurtzman


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