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strategy and business

strategy+business (First Quarter 1999)

Below is a full article list from this issue of strategy+business.

"A.B.B., the Dancing Giant" by Kevin Barham and Claudia Heimer
by Stuart Crainer
A.B.B., The Dancing Giant: Creating the Globally Connected Corporation by Kevin Barham and Claudia Heimer (260 pages, Pitman Publishing Ltd., 1998)
"Burn Rate" by Michael Wolff
by Simon Caulkin
Burn Rate: How I Survived the Gold Rush Year on the Internet by Michael Wolff (256 pages, Simon & Schuster, 1999)
Are Financial Institutions Really Ready for the Euro?
by Dr. Klaus-Peter Gushurst, Charles L. Teschner Jr. and Markus Lammer
Ten Steps to a Global Human Resources Strategy
by John A. Quelch and Helen Bloom
Creating an effective global work force means knowing when to use "expats," when to hire "locals" and how to create that new class of employees -- the "glopats."
How I.D.G. Builds Knowledge-Based Brands on Seven Continents
by Glenn Rifkin
This publishing and research company creates high-performance brands in country after country. It does so by sticking to its entrepreneurial roots.
How to Capture Hidden Value
by John Houlihan
Non-Product-Related sourcing can cost the equivalent of 20 percent or more of a company's sales. Yet, it is frequently overlooked as a potential source of significant savings and efficiency gains. Managed rigorously, the hidden value of such sourcing can be substantial.
Changing Channels In The Automotive Industry: The Future of Automotive Marketing and Distribution
by Evan R. Hirsh, Louis F. Rodewig, Peter Soliman and Steven B. Wheeler
The business of selling cars is changing. New competitive rules will apply. With these changes comes a shift in power.
The Battle for Your Attention
by Michael J. Wolf
What entertainment companies must do to profitably capture audiences.
The Trillion-Dollar Enterprise
by Cyrus F. Freidheim Jr.
Huge global networks and alliances will soon create organizations of awesome capabilities.
The C.E.O.'s Information Technology Challenge: Creating True Value
by Charles V. Callahan and Joseph Nemec Jr.
Information technology has emerged as a key component of competitive advantage.
An Interview with Howard Gardner
by Joel Kurtzman


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