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strategy and business

strategy+business (Fourth Quarter 2000)

Below is a full article list from this issue of strategy+business.

B2B Myths — and the Truth Underneath
by Keith Krach
The New Balance Between Risk and Control
by Ralph W. Shrader
The Value of Corporate Mortality
by Andrew Campbell
Shared Services: An E-Makeover
by Viren Doshi
Climbing Up the Value Ladder
by Jan Dyer Torsilieri and Chuck Lucier
Companies never capture all the value they create. To become wildly profitable, you have to assume more responsibility for your customers.
The Tyranny of "Community"
by Art Kleiner
By imposing togetherness and teamwork across divisional boundaries, companies risk losing the people whose tacit knowledge actually drives growth.
They All Laughed at Christopher Columbus
by Harold Evans
The risk-takers have always faced Cassandras, the more so in today's cynical media culture. But who's got the last laugh now?
Business Schools: Fighting the Enemy Within
by Paul O. Gaddis
America's graduate management programs are trying to be all things to all constituencies. Which means they're serving nobody well — least of all American business.
Learning from the Links: What Systems Thinking Teaches About Golf and Management
by David K. Hurst
A superior swing requires a conscious setup, intuition, adapting to feedback, and ballistic moves. Sounds a lot like leading a complex organization.
Making Mergers E-Merge: Using the Internet to Jump-Start Integration
by Art Fritzson, Robert Lukefahr, Amy Asin, Sanjay Bhatia, and Viren Doshi
With a "clean team" and a digital platform, BP and Amoco shaved months from their merger closing — and added immeasurably to shareholder value.
The Organization vs. The Strategy: Solving the Alignment Paradox
by Jeffrey W. Bennett, Thomas E. Pernsteiner, Paul F. Kocourek, and Steven B. Hedlund
It's not vision that makes a company successful. What sets the top performers apart is the organizational models they develop to realize their aspirations.
Open for Business: Leadership Lessons from the Open Source Movement
by Michael Schrage
Open Source is more than a software movement, three new books argue. It's a crucial business tool.
Product or Service? Internet Infrastructure's Battling Business Models
by Lawrence M. Fisher
Akamai Technology and the Inktomi Corporation both speed Web pages from servers to desktops. But to chase earnings, they've taken different routes. Can both lead to riches?
Robert B. Reich: The Thought Leader Interview
by Randall Rothenberg
In this "Age of the Terrific Deal," says the former secretary of labor, innovation is king, but insecurity reigns.
Recent Studies
by Martin Morse Wooster
Inconspicuous Consumption
by Bruce Feirstein


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