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strategy and business

strategy+business (First Quarter 2000)

Below is a full article list from this issue of strategy+business.

The Best and Worst New Economy Books
by James Ledbetter
How to succeed in e-business without really crying? Become an author.
The Trillion-Dollar Race to "E"
by Charles E. Lucier and Janet D. Torsilieri
To pick the winners, look for a commitment to breakthrough innovation.
To Hal Varian, the Price Is Always Right
by Michael Schrage
The dean of Berkeley's School of Information Management and Systems foresees a world in which everything is negotiable.
REI Climbs Online: A Clicks-and-Mortar Chronicle
by Lawrence M. Fisher
How a half-billion-dollar Seattle outdoor-equipment retailer became a virtual merchandiser.
Corporate Culture in Internet Time
by Art Kleiner
The foundation of the company is no longer the company: It's the team.
The Godzilla of the New Economy
by Kenichi Ohmae
In an exclusive excerpt from his next book, the former head of McKinsey Asia explains why Amazon.com, CNN and others have achieved an almost unassailable global dominance.
The Biggest Myth of the New Economy
by David S. Bennahum
The diseconomies of network economics.
Globalism vs. Nationalism vs. E-business: The World Debates
by Martin Vander Weyer
Regulatory challenges to the new cyber order.
Amazon Your Industry: Extracting Value from the Value Chain
by Timothy M. Laseter, Patrick W. Houston, Joshua L. Wright and Juliana Y. Park
The inefficient, tradition-bound, $4 billion trade-book industry is using the Internet to unlock an additional $2 billion-plus.
Crossing the Digital Divide: A Transition Baedeker
by Michael S. Katz and Jeffrey Rothfeder
From Wal-Mart to Amazon, great companies have always faced the challenges of channel conflict, pricing and cultural change.
Digital Leadership
by James M. Citrin and Thomas J. Neff
Spencer Stuart unveils "Talent.com," a study of essential C.E.O. qualities in the New Economy.
E-Education Is the New New Thing
by Michael Barker
Cisco C.E.O. John Chambers calls it "the next big killer application." At stake: a $740 billion industry.
Up the (E) Organization! A Seven-Dimensional Model for the Centerless Enterprise
by Gary L. Neilson, Bruce A. Pasternack and Albert J. Viscio
It's time to retire the org chart and disintermediate management itself.
An Interview with Lynda Applegate
by Randall Rothenberg


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