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strategy and business

strategy+business (Fourth Quarter 2001)

Below is a full article list from this issue of strategy+business.

A Trillion-Dollar Opportunity
by Gary Ahlquist, David G. Knott, and J. Philip Lathrop
How Organizational Aging Affects Innovation
by Toby E. Stuart
Global Best Practices Meet Local Realities
by Robert Galliers and Sue Newell
The New Strategy and Why It Is New
by Nick Demos, Steven Chung, and Michael Beck
Once the subject of annual planning, strategy today must live inside the fiber of the enterprise.
The Bottom Line on Ethics
by Art Kleiner
For executives who want to do good and do well, some long-awaited guidebooks.
Catching Travelers on the Fly
by David Newkirk, Brad Corrodi, and Alison James
Occasion-based segmentation online is the travel industry’s ticket to success.
B2B Benchmark: The State of Electronic Exchanges
by Tim Laseter, Brian Long, and Chris Capers
Business-to-business e-commerce is fraught with peril for buyers and sellers alike. An exclusive survey of 1,800 e-Marketplaces shows what it takes to win.
Climbing to Greatness with Jim Collins
by Art Kleiner
The management scholar put 1,435 good companies through a rigorous performance analysis and discovered only 11 became great. Here’s why.
Toward Digital Democracy: A Strategist’s Plan for Fixing Flawed Elections
by Mark Gerencser, Ed Rodriguez, and Chris Siddall
Election reform in the U.S. is the ultimate change-management project. One principle must guide it: Treat voters like customers.
Zealot Profile: Daniel B. Brewster Jr.
by Michael Ryan
Gruner + Jahr USA, President and CEO
Clayton M. Christensen, The Thought Leader Interview
by Lawrence M. Fisher
The innovator’s educator looks at why great companies fail and why theory trumps data.
The Best Business Books of the Millennium
Twelve opinionated, acclaimed strategists, scholars, and writers identify and assess the most important business books in strategy, management, and their subcategories.
Best Business Books: Strategy
by David K. Hurst
Sun Tzu, von Clausewitz, Drucker, and other Master Warriors
Best Business Books: Leadership
by Bruce A. Pasternack
Dreamers with Deadlines
Best Business Books: Global Management
by Charles Hampden-Turner
The Cobra and the Treasure Chest: Four Perspectives on Globalism
Best Business Books: Business Novels
by Kate Jennings
Free-Market Fiction: Three Centuries of Capitalist Characters
Best Business Books: Economic History
by Louis Uchitelle
Insights from Hindsight: What the Past Teaches about the Future
Best Business Books: Corporate Governance
by Jay A. Conger and Edward E. Lawler III
From Meek to Mighty: Reforming the Boardroom
Best Business Books: CEO Memoirs
by James O’Toole
Ernest Hemingway, CEO: When Executives Become Authors
Best Business Books: Beyond Business
by Charles Handy
The Well-Read Executive’s 12 Steps to Better Thinking
Best Business Books: Knowledge
by Jan Dyer and Chuck Lucier
Searching for Giants of Theory and Practice
Best Business Books: Internet
by David S. Bennahum
Of Bits and Books and the New Economy
Best Business Books: Index
S+B's Top 25 Business Books for 2000-2001
Panel Discussion: “Election Reform: A Systematic Business Solution”
November 13, 2001 - National Press Club, Washington, DC
Every Day I Write the Book
by Bruce Feirstein


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