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strategy and business

strategy+business (Third Quarter 2001)

Below is a full article list from this issue of strategy+business.

Insurers: How to Win the Web Finance Wars
by Gil Irwin, Paul Lockmiller, and Larry Altman
Software’s New Net-Based Business Model
by Ray Lane
Time to Unbalance Your Scorecard
by Arthur M. Schneiderman
Don’t Reengineer. Realign
by Jeffrey W. Bennett and Steven B. Hedlund
The Americans Are Coming — to Europe’s B-Schools
by George Yip and Chris Voss
Forget Your Troubles, Come On, Get Fired
by Jan Dyer and Chuck Lucier
Personal performance lagging? Colleagues at each other's throats? It's time for a change — for your company's good and your own.
The Cult of Three Cultures
by Art Kleiner
The sum of operational, executive, and engineering cultures is greater than the corporate whole.
Oasis in the Dot-Com Delivery Desert
by Tim Laseter, David Torres, and Anne Chung
E-tail intermediaries may do what Kozmo and Webvan could not.
Rethinking Strategy in a Networked World (or Why Michael Porter is Wrong about the Internet)
by Don Tapscott
The Harvard strategy guru errs when he says partnerships erode competitive advantage, the author contends. Instead, they are now central to business success.
Seize the Occasion! The Seven-Segment System for Online Marketing
by Horacio D. Rozanski, Gerry Bollman, and Martin Lipman
Internet marketing has been a shot in the demographic darkness. Effective e-tailing must target not just users, but usage — a methodology called “occasionalization.”
Why Cisco Fell: Outsourcing and Its Perils
by Bill Lakenan, Darren Boyd, and Ed Frey
Cisco. Sony. Palm. Contract manufacturers gave OEMs more supply chain headaches than solutions. What went wrong. What needs to be done.
The Cluster Effect: Can Europe Clone Silicon Valley?
by Des Dearlove
Silicon Valley still dominates the technology map, but European high-tech clusters are closing in.
Jack Stack’s Story Is an Open Book
by Art Kleiner
A small Ozarks manufacturer has a message for big companies: Open-book management can increase productivity and release entrepreneurial spirit.
Jared Diamond: The Thought Leader Interview
by Randall Rothenberg
The innovation historian looks to China, India, and Israel to discover 100,000-year-old lessons in business management.
Bye-Bye Blackboards
by Michael Schrage
Corporate training doesn't have to be dull. Game-based learning lets you play your way to smarter business.
Recent Studies
by Martin Morse Wooster
On brand communities, European unions, economic forecasting tools, and other topics of interest.
Zealot Profile: Phil Duke
by Reginald Van Lee
Lockheed Martin Corporation, Corporate Executive Vice President for Shared Services


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