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strategy and business

strategy+business (Second Quarter 2001)

Below is a full article list from this issue of strategy+business.

Questioning the IT Arms Race
by Dawn Lapore
Online Aggregation: The Battle Ahead
by Larry Altman, Anju Simon, and Zaki Hyatt-Shaw
Top 10 Innovation Themes
by David Y. Choi and Liisa Välikangas
M2M — The Next Wireless Frontier
by Doug Albert, Tim Laseter, and Steve Vielmetti
Strike Up the Brand
by Art Kleiner
Tom Peters galvanized a free-agent nation with his manifesto, “The Brand Called You.” But there is something missing from his vision: us.
Beating the B2B Odds
by Tim Laseter and David Evans
Internet auctions create losers as well as winners. Game theory shows companies how to improve their chances.
The Great Portal Payoff
by Horacio D. Rozanski and Gerry Bollman
Advertising click-through rates have plunged below 1 percent on Internet portals. That means marketers must banish the banner, and brandish the brand.
And the New Economy Winner Is... Europe
by Stuart Crainer
The European Union is emerging as a formidable competitor among world economies, thanks to an aptitude for cross-border management and an ease with cultural diversity.
Why Banks and Telecoms Must Merge to Surge
by Wouter Rosingh, Adam Seale, and David Osborn
In Europe last year, telecommunications and financial companies joined at a rate of one alliance a month. The trend will go global, because financial content is where the money is.
Italy’s Economic Half-Miracle
by Richard H.K. Vietor
Italy has worked hard to modernize its economy, but still lags in reforming labor markets, financial systems, and education. Will the nation push ahead, or hang on to the status quo?
The Dilemma Doctors
by Art Kleiner
Anglo-Dutch gurus Fons Trompenaars and Charles Hampden-Turner have become the go-to guys on multinational mergers. Their recipe: making opposites attract.
Scrambled Egg: The Making and Breaking of an Online Bank
by Victoria Griffith
For the pioneering U.K. startup, clicks without bricks and building share without care led to a first-mover disadvantage.
Beyond Utopia: The Realist’s Guide to Internet-Enabled Supply Chain Management
by Keith Oliver, Anne Chung, and Nick Samanich
The solution to more efficient supply networks lies not with “frictionless” technologies, but with shared objectives and insights across the extended enterprise. Call it “Federated Planning.”
Customer-izing the IRS
by Charles O. Rossotti
From a 1950s-style geographic-function matrix to a 21st-century customer-centered enterprise: the anatomy of a strategy-based transformation.
Arie de Geus: The Thought Leader Interview
by Randall Rothenberg
The guru of organizational learning says that robber baronialism helped kill the dot economy.
Terrae Incognitae: Survival Guides for Curious Globalists
by Stephan-Götz Richter
From Iran to Indonesia, opportunity awaits. But you’ve got to know the territory.
Recent Studies
by Martin Morse Wooster
On technological obsolescence, Russian business, banking rules, and other topics of interest.
Zealot Profile: Siegfried Woldhek
by Art Kleiner
World Wide Fund for Nature, The Netherlands Director, Action Network
The Name Game
by Bruce Feirstein


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