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strategy and business

strategy+business (First Quarter 2001)

Below is a full article list from this issue of strategy+business.

Wireless Finance: On the Money
by Wouter Rosingh, Adam Seale, and David Osborn
Complementors: Alliances Built for Speed
by Kevin G. Coleman
The Priceline Problem
by Raman Muralidharan and Rhonda Germany
How to Profit from Ignorance
by Charles Leadbeater
The Lake Wobegon Economy
by Chuck Lucier and Jan Dyer
It’s a place where revenue growth is two to three times the norm, and shareholder returns are way above average. You’d better move there soon, our newest research shows, if you want to attract investors and talent.
The Last Mile to Somewhere
by Tim Laseter
Once considered the domain of tacticians, operations now resides at the forefront of business strategy. Consider the saga of Web-based delivery services.
The Vision Thing
by Harold Evans
Why did American Express outperform Wells Fargo, IBM beat Burroughs, and Motorola crush Zenith? Because they reconciled the tension between values and numbers.
Zealots Rising: The Case for Practical Visionaries
by Paul Branstad and Chuck Lucier
"Revolutionaries" and "change agents" can keep companies vibrant. But to drive profitable growth, now and tomorrow, you need leaders who can create value, align people to value, and deliver value.
The Model 2 Organization: Making Your Company Safe for Zealots
by Paul F. Kocourek and Paul Hyde
Centralized management still confounds corporations that need to be fast and flexible. There's a way to move from Taylorism to Welchism — but it means rejecting command-and-control.
Beyond the Cult of the CEO: Building Institutional Leadership
by Bruce A. Pasternack, Thomas D. Williams, and Paul F. Anderson
Why do some companies flourish but others founder after the charismatic CEO leaves? A World Economic Forum/Booz-Allen & Hamilton study finds that the most effective firms make leadership more than a solo act.
The Three Phases of Value Capture: Finding Competitive Advantage in the Information Age
by Rhonda Germany and Raman Muralidharan
Creating value is just the beginning. To make money from innovation, you must drive your industry's evolution — even before the industry exists.
Here Comes Hyperinnovation
by Michael Schrage
New prototyping methods have radically reduced the cost of testing products, services, and business models — effectively creating a new financial resource: iterative capital. Be sure you spend it wisely.
Elliott Jaques Levels With You
by Art Kleiner
The controversial Canadian theorist claims he can create the perfect organization. Has he found the key to management — or merely a justification for bureaucracy?
Adventures in Corporate Venturing
by Jill Albrinck, Jennifer Hornery, David Kletter, and Gary Neilson
A well-funded R&D program isn't enough. Corporations must invest in business opportunities outside their four walls to accelerate innovation and growth.
Europe Ventures Forth
by Rob Schuyt, Mark Melford, and Frank Vrancken Peeters
European companies lag behind U.S. corporations in starting new businesses. A few best-practice companies show how the continent can compete.
Incubators in Europe: A Tough Egg to Hatch
by Des Dearlove
Once the preserve of Silicon Valley, Internet incubators are now rapidly expanding in Europe. The question: Will they survive?
From Vertical to Virtual: How Nortel's Supplier Alliances Extend the Enterprise
by Lawrence M. Fisher
To grow a new fiber-optics business at Internet speed, the Canadian giant gave up manufacturing and turned its vendors into strategic partners.
Why I Hate Flying, and Other Tales of Management
by Henry Mintzberg
In an exclusive excerpt from his next book, the eminent strategy guru takes flight against a sea of troubles — and still ends up with a ground delay. Who's to blame? Maybe you.
Jeffrey E. Garten: The Thought Leader Interview
by Randall Rothenberg
The Yale Management School dean plumbs the mind of the CEO.
Monomaniacs with a Mission
by David K. Hurst
Certain individuals are born zealots. But from Hamel to Handy, gurus agree that the organization shapes their ability to lead.
The State of Strategy, 2001
by Lawrence M. Fisher
Rethinking the ABCs at the Strategic Management Society's annual meeting.
Zealot Profile: Carlos Ghosn
by Bruce A. Pasternack, Thomas D. Williams, and Paul F. Anderson
Nissan Motor Company, President and Chief Operating Officer
Zealot Profile: Carly S. Fiorina
by Bill Harris
Hewlett-Packard Company, Chairman, President, and CEO
Zealot Profile: Gustavo A. Cisneros
by Robert Ratner
Cisneros Groups of Companies, Chairman and CEO
Zealot Profile: Jack Berkowitz
by Robert Ratner
American Lawyer Media Inc., Vice President for Strategic Planning
Zealot Profile: Marilyn H. Knox
by David K. Hurst
Nestlé Canada Inc., President, Nutrition
Zealot Profile: Roel Pieper
by Des Dearlove
Twinning Network, Chairman
Zealot Profile: Susan Desmond-Hellman
by Lawrence M. Fisher
Genentech Inc., Executive Vice President, Development and Product Operations, and Chief Medical Officer
Zealot Profile: Wade R. Fenn
by Victoria Griffith
Best Buy Co. Inc., Executive Vice President, Marketing
Board Room Viruses
by Bruce Feirstein


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