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strategy and business

strategy+business (Issue 46 / Spring 2007)

Below is a full article list from this issue of strategy+business.

Too Much Money
by Justin Pettit
Just when the need for excess cash has decreased, companies are hoarding capital instead of putting it to good use.
The Favoritism Test
by Marshall Goldsmith
Learn to avoid the pitfalls of rewarding sycophants in the workplace.
Tourism: China’s New Diaspora
by Ronald Haddock, Kevin Ma, and Edward Tse
The global travel industry is preparing for the next tourist boom.
Marketers, Meet the Millennial Generation
by John Jullens
A radically new marketing approach is required to reach Generation Y.
Winning the Devil’s Bargain
by Elizabeth Doty
When the business world compromises an individual’s values, courage and climate can make all the difference.
Lessons of the Last Bubble
by Tim Laseter, David Kirsch, and Brent Goldfarb
Smaller bets can make the next technological boom more productive and enduring.
The Luxury Touch
by Robert Reppa and Evan Hirsh
Superb service is the indispensable ingredient of successful high-end brands. Follow four principles to deliver customer satisfaction year after year.
Lights! Water! Motion!
by Viren Doshi, Gary Schulman, and Daniel Gabaldon
The world’s urban infrastructure needs a $40 trillion makeover. Here’s how to reinvigorate our electricity, water, and transportation systems by integrating finance, governance, technology, and design.
A Gold-Medal Partnership
by Michael Payne
The Olympic Games demonstrate what government and business can accomplish as a team.
The Flatbread Factor
by Alonso Martinez and Ronald Haddock
To understand the life cycle of an emerging market, learn to decode its consumer products.
Health Care’s Retail Solution
by David G. Knott, Gary Ahlquist, and Rick Edmunds
A robust retail market is emerging from the ashes of the current health-care system.
The Game Maven of New Haven
by Michael V. Copeland
Yale professor Barry Nalebuff brought game theory from the ivory tower to the executive suite — and to his own thriving company, Honest Tea.
Joseph Ellis: The Thought Leader Interview
by Art Kleiner and Melissa Master
The author of Ahead of the Curve explains the mysteries of the business cycle.
Does Health Care Have a Future?
by Joe Flower and David Knott
Eight books about the health-care system diagnose its problems and offer solutions.
Books in Brief
by David K. Hurst
A world-changing entrepreneur, capitalist families, inspiring CFOs, and wise advisors.
Recent Research
by Des Dearlove and Stuart Crainer
On product piracy, CEO celebrity, me-too brands, and more.
Rainy Days and Mondays
by Bruce Feirstein


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